EXCLUSIVE: Jim Marchese Blasts Bravo For Rewarding A Felon & Talks Poor Premiere Ratings

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Teresa Giudice is officially back — resuming her front and center spot on the Real Housewives of New Jersey stage. Bravo production couldn’t be happier about their heroic felon being back on our DVRs, and while a dwindling audience remains divided, Jim Marchese has never wavered in his opinion of the Bravo machine. The ratings for the season 7 premiere episode of the New Jersey franchise were a bust with a mere 1.7 million viewers tuning in — and the outspoken former player isn’t surprised.

“Andy and the rest of Sirens Media are delusional,” Marchese tells AllAboutTheTea.Com. “They put the majority of the focus on Teresa, viewing her as some holy woman, not a common thief who stole from others, and did not pay taxes.”

A week prior to Teresa’s release from Danbury, an image of Mother Teresa — tarnished with Giudice’s face, was posted and later deleted from a producer’s Facebook page. Marchese blasts Bravo, for rewarding immature and even vicious behavior.   

“The Housewives cast and production team are sophomoric. They behave like mean girls — the crueler and more deviant the behavior, the higher the accolades,” Marchese said.

Marchese reminds us of Housewives casualties of the past, and the polluted environment that cheers them on.

“Consider the fact that three are/were in prison, one committed suicide — there have been countless divorces, bankruptcies and foreclosures,” Marchese pointed out. “If this was the corporate world, the place would be investigated for hostile work environment. But because this is a liberal playground, much like Hillary Clinton, they believe they are above the law.”

Jim shares how he and his wife feel, looking in from the other side of the Bravo lens.

“Amber and I are happy to have moved on. It is clear that Bravo is pushing their felon on the world, and the message is obvious. Money and liberal agendas are their only considerations, as they sacrifice all else — even ratings.”

The ratings game will be an interesting one, considering many believe that the climax occurred in the last five minutes of the first episode. Jim and Amber have moved on, but a Season 7 cast is invested in playing along with Bravo’s felon restoration — will the viewers join in the game?


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