‘RHONJ’ Producer Compares Teresa Giudice To Mother Teresa; Season 7 Premiere Ratings Bombed! #RHONJ

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RHONJ Season 7 Cast_Teresa Rejected

Bravo was a network glowing in the official comeback of their favorite diva, Sunday night.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey finally hit the airwaves, after a long, criminally triggered hiatus. Andy Cohen encouraged America to keep the tissues handy, because Teresa Giudice, partner-in-crime wife of the now imprisoned Joe Giudice, was home, after a year in the clink. Bravo kept New Jersey fans waiting for a year and a half, banking hard on their signature-shirking queen to reignite the franchise.

The audience has remained divided — largely between ex-fans refusing the criminally polluted spectacle, die-hard Giudice groupies, and bored defectors. Production sat comfortably in the second group, confident that their restored heroine would bring it — “Straight Outta Danbury.”

Two excited players on RHONJ production team gushed their Tre-love openly on their social media pages — one post has since been deleted.

Bravo producer post with Teresa Giudice as mother teresa-rhonj__

New Jersey reality side-player, Ashlee Holmes, threw in her two cents on the silly pic, with one simple word — “Stop.” Perfectly stated.

Bravo producer kissing Teresa's butt_RHONJ

So did the gamble pay off? Not according the the ratings, tabulated from the episode possibly destined to draw the largest audience. Episode 1 of Season 7 officially bombed with 1.7 million total viewers tuning in.

Real Housewives of New Jersey ratings for premiere episodes seasons 1-7 are as follows:

Season 1: May 2009……1.7 million  

Season 2: May 2010……2.3 million 

Season 3: May 2011…… 2.million

Season 4April 2012……2.million

Season 5June 2013……2.8 million

Season 6 July 2014……2.1 million

Season 7July 2016…….1.7 million

The premiere episode of the delayed seventh season of the franchise dropped 400 thousand viewers, from a Season 6 premiere of 2.1 million. The plummet is a startling one to a Bravo team who chose to stop the show, and elevate one controversial player onto a pedestal. The show has come full circle, and appears to be starting back where it began — before the cast villain, the seedy Danielle Staub, triggered the table flip that shot the show into a whole new realm of trashy drama.

How about bringing Danielle back, and let her spar with a now supposedly zen-tastic Giudice? That show may have a shot.

Bravo has proven once again pathetically out of touch with their audience. In the end, crime never pays.


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