Porsha Williams Facing Arrest Warrant Over Violent Attack On Former Marketing Manager! #RHOA

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Uh-oh — Porsha Williams may be posing for a new mugshot soon!

This time around, Porsha has to answer for the vicious attack on her ‘Go Naked’ marketing manager, Jami Ziegler, in December 2015. The altercation took place during the filming of the RHOA Season 8 finale, which Bravo graciously exposed unseen fight footage at the Season 8 Reunion.

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Ms. Zeigler filed a Warrant Application against Porsha in Fulton County, Georgia State Court, according to MTO. A warrant application hearing is when a non-law enforcement person wants to have someone arrested for a misdemeanor. Rather than arrest first like law enforcement and have a hearing later they have the hearing and the judge decides whether to issue the warrant and have you arrested

Here’s how the beatdown happened…

Bravo cameras rolled as Jami entered the Christmas finale event with one of Porsha’s gone-bad business connections, triggering an enraged outburst from the unstable reality star. Porsha demanded security throw Jami and her guest out of the party. Impatient and raging, Porsha followed the pair outside, where she violently lunged at Jami. She launched into punching Ms. Zeigler, while clawing and pulling her hair from her scalp. 

Below is a good recap of Porsha‘s violent exploits and state of mind. 


Well although the fight happened in December, Ms. Zeigler, is not letting the reality TV diva off the hook and filed the Warrant Application mentioned above on April 6. The case was heard by a judge on June 3 and mediation was ordered.

Porsha’s violent escapades are nothing new. At the infamous RHOA Season 6 Reunion, Porsha yanked Kenya Moore to the ground by her hair. Then during the Lake Lanier season 8 episode, Porsha straddled and hulked over Cynthia Bailey, triggered by Bailey simply reacting negatively to a comment.

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The 35-year-old’s violent streak was addressed at the RHOA Season 8 Reunion, and it was revealed that she had attended anger management classes. Stay tuned for updates as this case unfolds. 


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