EXCLUSIVE: Porsha Williams Forced To Anger Management By Bravo—Her #RHOA Peach In Jeopardy!

Posted on Apr 4 2016 - 3:37pm by BeachSpin


The Real Housewives of Atlanta wrapped the third part of it’s reunion Sunday night. Porsha Williams’ violent streak was addressed, and it was revealed that she had attended anger management classes. Kim Fields even congratulated Porsha on such an emotionally mature step towards growth. Excuse me—while a roll my eyes into blackout.

It appears blatantly obvious that Bravo is nervous about Porsha’s violent escapades—and has required action, in the form of anger management intervention. Porsha’s greatest hits have likely gotten the attention of Bravo lawyers, as well the network’s insurance carriers. Williams bristled through the commentary, but is clearly aware that her job is on the line.

Three episodes were referenced, all occurring while Bravo cameras were rolling. Porsha yanked Kenya to the ground by her hair, during the taping of the sixth season’s reunion series.

Porsha fighting RHOA

Porsha straddled and hulked over Cynthia in an episode aired earlier this season, triggered by Bailey simply reacting negatively to a comment.

Porsha fighting 3

Last, but likely not really last—was the attack on Porsha’s ‘Go Naked’ marketing manager, Jami Ziegler. That altercation went down during the finale episode, which Bravo graciously exposed last night, in dark alley shot bonus footage. It was sometimes sneaky, but Bravo wove in mentions of Porsha’s loose cannon tendencies, during all three parts of the reunion.

In Part One—Kenya’s gentle yank on Kim Fields’ chair was discussed, as a segue to a little anti-violence speech delivered by Cynthia Bailey. Bailey recited obediently, while Porsha rolled her eyes. 

“The bottom line is personal space. It’s just something that just keeps coming up. Sometimes it turns physical, sometimes it doesn’t. But there is always the potential for it to become physical. You have to be very careful when you do that. As someone who got caught up in a moment, somebody could get seriously hurt at some point.”

The Lake Lanier smackdown between Williams and Bailey was hashed out in Part Two. In Part Three, Bravo offered a hotheaded crescendo, with the alley fight footage, and Porsha’s admission that she had been attending anger management classes. Two cast members admitted that they would not ever choose to confront Porsha in the future, and others claimed to be permanently braced for the worst. That’s Bravo-code for tiptoeing cast interaction, aka guarded or absent drama, when it comes to relating to Williams. Nene Leakes gave Porsha a mini-lecture, emphasizing that ratchet drama can be accomplished, minus the hands-on action. Shady Phaedra Parks proclaimed Porsha’s violent streak a condition that required treatment, and tried to sell that Porsha decided on her own, that she needed help.

Do you believe that the anger management intervention is making a difference? You be the judge. Porsha, while brazenly claiming “instant remorse,” [which viewers never witnessed] did not accept responsibility once, during the several mentions of the incidents. In fact, she tried to shift responsibility onto her victims, every chance that she got. Cynthia “didn’t understand” her, Kenya waved a scepter too close, and Jami was dubbed disrespectful enough to be pummeled into the asphalt. She deflected the criticism, by throwing out rumors, and changing the subject.

Every time the camera caught Porsha reaction to the blasts, she was rolling her eyes, or impatiently shifting in her seat. Not exactly the countenance of a remorseful woman, seeking enlightened change. She even looked mildly amused by the bonus alley footage. Kenya nailed it when she said,

“You blame everybody else for you losing control. They did this, Cynthia touched my wrist, Kenya had something pointed at me, Jami was disrespectful. Even sitting here now, for you to not take full responsibility for your behaviors shows that you are not “cured,” from being this angry, violent person.”

Andy Cohen, aka Bravo, “hopes” that Williams will continue her personal “work in progress.” Bravo wants viewers to know that they are aware of the problem, and have addressed the issue. Do you think that they will risk another season, on such a cast liability?


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  • bellota

    I mean, clearly she feels no remorse and deep down doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong. You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge. She is so immature. I cannot imagine her being a mother. I think it would be an unmitigated disaster.

  • sideof Sour Cream

    good lord what a barbarian.

  • MidwestMiddie

    Why hasn’t Bravo removed Porsha from the show?
    Why didn’t Bravo remove Yolanda from the show due to her poor health?
    Why did it take so long to remove Brandi?
    Why did it take Kim Richard’s arrest for Bravo to remove her from the show?
    Why didn’t Bravo remove Vicki G due to her involvement or her outrageous stupidity
    regarding the Orange County Cancer-Con?
    For that matter why didn’t Bravo remove Vicki and Tamra from the show due to their involvement in setting up Gretchen for possibly being raped or sexually attacked at Tamra’s House by Tamra’s son?
    Why did Bravo showcase Apollo?
    Why has Bravo championed the Giudice Crime Family?
    Why did Bravo keep the couple from the RHOWDC who got into the White House uninvited …..a National Security Risk?

    Is this everyone? It can’t be.
    My apology to the Bravo idiots I’ve totally forgotten about ………

    • T’s Martini Lounge

      I think you got most of them!

    • Shayvoe

      Standing ovation for that recap!!! They would have to fire 50% of their cast if they were worried about repercussions from litigious or criminal behavior.

  • KKLS30

    Porsha is too stupid for anger management. When you are her type of stupid at her age it is a lost cause.

    • Bobbi

      After watching that clip I am inclined to agree. She needs medication.

      • GetReal2014

        And a straight jacket. This girl is a total loon. Something is not right in her head.

  • BigBrothersMother

    When Porsha attacked Kenya at the reunion a few years back, I waited to see if Bravo would have her back on Atlanta. When they did I stopped watched the show. I also stopped watching Dish Nation when they hired her. Porsha has no impulse control and is a danger to anyone around her. Her ego is out of control even though she’s a fat chick, IMO!

    • Southern Cali

      I honestly don’t get why people think she’s some great beauty that everyone is jealous of…she has moments where she looks cute but they all do. I just don’t see what others see.

      • GetReal2014

        I don’t either.

    • Bobbi

      It would be irresponsible at this point for Bravo to bring Porrsha back at this point. Especially, after hearing what 3 of the other women have stated. They have basically forecasted that there will be some violent fights. Someone is going to get hurt.

  • BS! She has attacked three people all within seasons of each other, and all she gets for reprimand is one filmed session of “anger management”, in which she was clearly debating the administer of it? WTF? Only on Bravo can this lunatic of a woman attack people constantly and get rewarded for it! I’m freaking over it.

    • Bobbi

      You saw that too? That clip is very foreboding of some serious problems for Porsha if she doesn’t get/accept help.

      • That girl has some real issues and she never takes responsibility for anything. I honestly think she’s a lost cause.

        • Bobbi

          I can’t even disagree Bre. I hope that’s not true but, I’m right there with you.

        • GetReal2014

          I think so too, Breanna. She’s actually getting worse. Have you seen her and her co-hosts response to Nene trying to tell her to stop the violence? It’s chilling (to me).

      • GetReal2014

        She’s not going to even attempt to get help because there are too many people who think this behavior is acceptable, and they’re pumping her head up, and at the same time leading her down the path of destruction. After seeing several new articles I think it’s over for Porsha. There are some serious things coming down the pike for her. She is sick. No shade. The girl needs help.

  • CaliSteve

    She needs to go. In her own words she saif it was the pressure of being on TV

  • italiano bambino

    People will defend her and find any excuse for her actions. She got no remorse at least i haven’t seen in on tape.

  • tapestry10

    How come nobody sent Juicy or his brother-in-law Joe Gorga to anger management? Compared to the punches they threw, on two different occasions, Porsha’s were love taps.

    • MidwestMiddie

      One More – Teresa turning over tables and pushing Andy………her facial contortions
      while yelling and screaming are proof of needing anger management. Instead, Bravo
      gave her a raise after her release from prison. : /

      • tapestry10

        Hmmmm. Does turning over a banquet table, knocking china and glasses all over the floor–to say nothing of food–and breaking half the glassware, hurling knives and forks all over the restaurant while shrieking “PROSTITUTION WHORE” in front of families with young children qualify as having an anger management problem? Why yes, MM, you sure could say she does! And yes, MM, Bravo shouldn’t be sticking some people in remedial classes, while they give the angriest one of all cars and raises.

  • Southern Cali

    She needs to go. She isn’t bringing anything to the table other than being ole miserable screw face Phaedra’s sidekick. Why keep someone so unstable around?!?

  • Bobbi

    There is a clip up right now on Bravo of a segment of Porsha’s counseling session. If anyone is questioning whether this girl is in trouble needs only to watch that.

    You could see her heart & face drop when the counselor said “walk away,”  to her earnest question of “what would you have done if someone waved something in your face and yelled and screamed at you?” Her ghetto, ratchet, soulless Twitter fans have pumped her airhead so bad that she really thought the d@mn professional was going to say she had no other choice and that she was justified to be violent!

    I notice too, she specifically referenced her violent attack on Kenya when asking the counselor for validation. It’s killing her that the people who defended and campaigned to support that violent attack is now taking it back and labeling her a problem. Of all the fights she wants to hold that fight to her chest because one, that was her claim to fame – if her castmates and the viewers take that back, it negates her relevance and invalidates her. Two, it will kill her to lose against Kenya, as up until now she has comfortably considered it a justifiable attack because of the support she received. She has strut around for 2 seasons with her chest stuck out over that fight. It’s the only “one up” she has on Kenya. Now, in her mind they want to take that from her. You can tell Porsha is particularly struggling with that.

     I think It was very telling the clip that Bravo decided to air. Any reasonably intelligent person can see that Porsha was running from accountability, both in her rhetoric and in her inability and fear to let the counselor speak. She babbled like a lunatic the entire time- the counselor barely got in two complete sentences. She talked 98% of the time because every time she shut up the counselor told her something she didn’t want to hear.

    That short, 2 minute clip gave me some serious ominous/bad vibes.  Watching it,  I felt the way I would normally feel when I’m watching a clip or documentary after something bad has happened. Things aren’t going to turn out well for Porsha if she doesn’t change. I’m not even talking about the show. She is in crisis and she is going to meet a terrible fate if her life doesn’t make a sharp turn. Her people had better start posting up and coming for her. It’s not looking good.

    • KKLS30

      I saw that clip and that look on her face stood out to me. She was genuinely shocked that the counselor didn’t say,”Well Ms.Williams why didn’t Bravo tell me this before I was hired.Of course you should try to beat the hell out of someone in that situation.By all means just start punching and even rip out a bit of hair if you feel like it.”
      It reminded me of the feeling of frustration I get watching shows like The First 48 or Lockup where people have literally ruined their life over perceived disrespect. Of course in Porsha’s situation it isn’t like she was born into violence or the sort of lifestyle where that behavior is prevalent. To be the granddaughter of Hosea Williams who was victim of unspeakable violence yet always embraced peace makes Porsha’s attitude even more surprising. There was probably a mini-earthquake in Atlanta from Hosea Williams spinning in his grave the day she stated on national TV that she thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train that ran underground.

      • Bobbi

        This post is awesome. You described Porsha’s reaction perfectly. She doesn’t even have a clue. I read she only received one session. That one clip showed she was light years away from even taking responsibility, much less being cured. God help her.

        I once read that Porsha’s grandfather’s family is very embarrassed by her and doesn’t really own/associate with her. I don’t blame them.

    • GetReal2014

      This post is sublime!

      But alas, it gets even worse. Now Porsha thinks that Nene was trying to curse her instead of blessing her with her advice, and she has the Dish Nation crew telling her, guess what? That she’s right, again! So now for sure her and Nene will be going to war, as they are already throwing barbs at each other. Too bad Porsha doesn’t realize that in 3,2,1…Phaedra is going to defect and she’s going to be on her own.

      Who will she ally with then? This has to be the dumbest chick in the universe.
      I can see why you got serious, ominous vibes. This has spiraled out of control and it’s going at a furious pace. For all of those who clap and applaud her behavior, I hope they also help take responsibility for the demise of this poor, sick woman.

      • Bobbi

        I heard about that. I have to go check it out. I’ll be back once I check it out.

    • Sunflower

      Since you all urged me to watch… (Smile..)… I had a LMAO Moment detecting/listening to the Accent of the Therapist.

      I clearly detected an “ASANTE TWI” accent from Ghana, thus the Therapist is from African descent.

      How befitting…!!!

      • Bobbi

        Lmao! When the clip first started and I heard that accent I almost dismissed it – I was like, “Oh, hail no!” Lol But then there was a sickening vibe that caught me when Porsha started running her mouth nonstop. That session was tragic.

        • Sunflower

          When she heard that familiar accent.. of course she started running her mouth because she thought “she was with one of her people”. LMAO

          At least her b..bs were not sticking out…

          • MidwestMiddie

            “she was with one of her people.”


          • Sunflower

            Don’t get it…?
            Her people… = “African Prince” … she used to date them…
            Rolls Royce… $20,000 Birkin Handbags…. The Good Life in Her mind!

          • MidwestMiddie

            You heard the therapist and saw him on the video and thought
            “African Prince?” Never occurred to me……. : )
            Also, I think the Prince she dated was from Equatorial Guinea where Spanish is the primary language ……..not Asante Twi.

          • Sunflower

            Exactly…you think she dated… I think she dated…

            I just referenced his accent…

          • MidwestMiddie

            I never thought nor would I that
            “she was with one of her people.” “……..her people.”

          • Sunflower

            I’m not sure in which direction you want to go with that semantic …. but in my best Taylor Armstrong’s voice.. I say ENOUGH!

          • MidwestMiddie

            I think your comment was unfortunate and
            In my own voice, “ENOUGH!”

          • Bobbi


          • Sunflower

            LOL… Happy you get IT…!!

          • Sunflower

            Bobbi… Is it true about Peter and Porsha… ALLEGEDLY h.s together… which was the last straw for Cynthia (Divorce)???

          • Bobbi

            I don’t believe that one Sunshine. It doesn’t make sense. Not that I don’t believe Peter would cheat. But, Porsha? For one, He backed Porsha into a corner trying to force her to tell what she knows. That was too big of a risk to take if he really slept with her. Then, he’s done 2 interviews now, basically calling her a dumb, worthless thot. Called her overrated. Evil. Said she would never get a man to love her. Called her pretty with no brains. Called her and Phaedra F’n dumb@sses. Them there’s fighting words and he’s said more than that. Just one of those things could potentially make her dimb@ss blow the lid off any secret he was hiding about them sleeping together. AND if he slept with Porsha he would expect her to tell her girl Phaedra and he’s going to go after Phaedra too? Nah…..the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense and I don’t think Porsha would come for him every season if she had slept with him.
            I have plenty other reasons why I don’t believe it but that’s enough for me.

            To add, that is one reckless rumor to put out there if it isn’t true but, let’s see if folks lose their minds over this like they did with Chris and Kims “marriage.”

          • Sunflower

            Thanks for your reply (I am so formal on Sundays).. hihihihihi.

            I was sent a link and I don’t believe it either… because both Frick and Frack would have used the opportunity to blurt that out during the Reunion.
            I’m thinking more… one of P’s other Thot friends she’s hanging out with.
            Porsha knows evvrryythang about P4P. .. suspicious!!

          • Bobbi

            But what’s to stop her or Phaedra from telling it? Think about it. If Porsha had some real deets on Peter we would know it. He has said every derogatory thing about Porsha a man could say about a woman other than she stinks and still no receipts? Porsha has loose lips especially when she’s mad. Nothing from Phaedra either after Peter went in on her? I really don’t believe they have anything.
            Peter has been saying for over a year now that he can’t make a move without people aiming camera phones at him, taping his every move. Between that and ratchet women wanting their 15 minutes, we would see something by now. I’m calling foul on that one.

          • Sunflower

            So case closed on that one!
            Frick and Frack are miserable human beings. Just because they both have failed marriages …. they are trying hardest to destroy others lives. Frack = Phaekedra has said so many mean things in her TH’s about Todd. Frick.. the Thot …has been gunning for Cynthia for a long time.
            Now I understand why Porsha tried to annihilate Cynthia on the boat trip… she actually saw Peter!

          • Bobbi

            Hahahaha! Someone else may not see it the way I do. but I logically it doesn’t seem right.

            I think Cynthia explained it tonight. Kordell is in business with Peter and if my memory serves me correctly Porsha got really upset when Kordell started flirting with Claudia with Peter egging him on. Now, thinking about Porsha chasing her friend into the alley and beating her down over a married man it’s much easier to see how she would try and ruin Peter. Since she couldn’t fight him……

          • Sunflower

            Following your lead…
            Following your lead…

            and… she had the nerve to talk about a “one eyed married African”…
            She’s totally delusional.

          • Bobbi


  • Norrth

    I think the difference between Porsha and the others is that she seems to have an unpredictable temper that leads her to be in altercations with people with whom she has a relationship and those with whom she has no relationship at all. The Gorgas and Giudices have had bad blood for so long that it was no surprise that things erupted into a physical altercation and even the Gorgas and Giudices had the good sense to be embarrassed and to make up on camera after that spectacle. Williams still seems to think that the weak excuses of being “provoked” carry weight anywhere else but it a prison yard.

    From what we could see, Porsha has:

    — attacked a woman she claimed was “in her face”. Keep in mind that she had to reach over another person (Cynthia) to get to the individual she claimed was in her face attacking her (Kenya).

    — attacked someone who repeatedly asked to be left alone. While Cynthia admits she overreacted to Porsha’s comments, I don’t think she was out of control when she said that she couldn’t trust that Porsha wouldn’t hit her, given Porsha’s past actions.

    — attacked someone who was walking away to avoid confrontation (at least as it appeared on camera). Porsha had to leave the party to hunt her former friend Jaime down down and jump on her.

    Who is next? Who knows with her?

    I hope Bravo has a “Porsha fund” to pay off the next person she attacks while working for them.

  • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

    I could comment if I believed for one second that this bitch has REAL anger mgmt issues. She’s just trying to get some street cred by acting ghetto .. *eye roll By the way, I am just noticing in that vid that Pooshit got kicked in the cooch. Ouch~!

  • Sunflower

    With all Cynthia’s Flip-flopping… she is a Saint for “making up” with Porsha… after THAT violent attack.

    I actually can’t watch the Video… because I can feel the deadly rage coming from Porsha.

    Cynthia needs a Hug… and a TICKET for an 8 day vacation – all inclusive – to Dubai to recover from THAT Attack….!

  • RAW

    That guy had tears in his eyes when Porsha was talking, and I’m like OMG thats how I feel when she talks!

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