Brown Family Update: Post Interview Tweets & Summer Fun Pics

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The dust has settled around the ol’ cul-de-sac, since Kody Brown flipped off viewers during the Tell-All ramble that concluded the seventh season of Sister Wives.

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Meri, Janelle and Robyn Brown tweeted after the episode, sharing their post-interview thoughts. Meri carouses on social media from time to time, hugging her Twitter peeps, but this time she posted her actual words, not an online ‘Slice o’ Wisdom’ greeting card. Creative? Nope — but Mare telling “all,” even though her story was a big vat of mock truth, seems to have inspired her. Janelle managed to engage in a weakly enthusiastic tweet about the episode. 

Apparently “my truth,” not “THE truth” must suffice, to carry on life as a  sorta-kinda friend to many, and mother to a bitter one. Unlike her subordinate, Robyn lays off Twitter as a post-catfish rule. She evidently couldn’t resist herself after the special, and offered a cryptic sentiment to her followers.

The feedback was mixed — from confused support, to eye-rolling annoyance.

Is Robyn referring to tabloid stories? Sam’s blog, or maybe Sam’s passionate love-novel? Perhaps tales from the tireless side players — the scorned Kendra Pollard Parra or Lindsay/Jackie? Does anyone even care?

Movin’ on.

On a cheerier plural note, the Browns recently gathered for an outing in Utah’s Zion National Park. They posed for a couple of pics, which Mykelti Brown graciously shared on Instagram.

Mykelti also posted a family reunion pic, snapped at Bear Lake, a body on the Utah/Idaho border, about a week ago.

What do you think was on the mock menu, during these gatherings? Beat the heat, stay in the AC, and sound off in the comments!


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