EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Fashion Flop EXPOSED!

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The Southern Charm reunion is behind us, and as the Thomas/Kathryn/Landon drama fades, one memory may stick with us forever — Kathryn Dennis’ reunion outfit. Kathryn’s wardrobe departure was a doozy, her eccentric getup a costume-like standout.



An in-the-know pal knows the origin of the ensemble, and spills the deets.

“What she is wearing on the reunion — she’s wearing a vintage Prada corset, and that necklace that she’s wearing — she made that. She made it from crap jewelry she had lying around. She has a whole box of it at her house.”

Kathryn showed off her creation during the reunion, alluding to a crafty side business.

The insider spills that Kathryn has a love for flea markets, and has teamed with new boyfriend John Dowd, to scour for vintage goodies. As exclusively revealed, Dowd is a Charleston antique dealer and alleged pill pusher, whom Dennis reportedly shacks up with, presumably when the children are with their father.

“They have this thing together on the side, where they go and snatch up all kinds of crap. She [Kathryn] says, ‘I am going to re-sell it for this amount of money, I am going to change it.’”

Kathryn was nailed for recently stealing from a once close friend, who dished on one way Kathryn flips the goods.

“I get on her Poshmark account, because I know that she has one, and I look for my things every day,” the insider reveals. “She’s got a bunch of crap on there, she is trying to sell.”

Kathryn’s seedy game is being exposed — an eccentric reunion ensemble just a colorful illustration for one hot shady mess.


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