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Shep Rose Shuts Down Comparisons Of His Mushroom Arrest To Kathryn Dennis’ Drug Use #SouthernCharm

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Shep and Kathryn_Southern Charm

Shep Rose is the likable player on Southern Charm — and a boyish presence on the Bravo reunion sofa.

During the first installment, Shep told a goodie about tripping on mushrooms and landing in jail, as the whole cast chuckled over the anecdote — including Kathryn Dennis. Her fans didn’t find ol’ Shep so funny, and blasted the cast and each other for laughing off the story, while simultaneously pointing at Kathryn for failing a drug test.

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Shep threw in on Twitter, pointing out the very obvious differences in the two scenarios.

The jabs continued — as did the witty comebacks — mixed with truth.


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When a viewer blasted Shep for calling out Kathryn at the reunion, Shep snarked back.

A mother of two’s “drug-fueled” story continues. Shep’s romp with hallucinogens ended with an amusing anecdote, in a jail cell. Big difference.


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