Was Kathryn Dennis High At The ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Reunion — Fans React To Her Bizarre Behavior!

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Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm Collage

The first installment of the Southern Charm reunion has faded into the staged NYC sunset, and social media has revealed many questions swirling around the demeanor, and responses of cast firecracker, Kathryn Dennis. Kathryn remains a hot button topic, as real-life drama mixes with Bravo reality. After her performance last night, the chatter is certainly warranted.

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Kathryn’s countenance was frazzled, twitchy and unpredictable, leading many to wonder if she was medicated. Allegations of drug-use continue to dog Kathryn, after a failed drug test linked to the custody battle with ex, Thomas Ravenel, was revealed.

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Dennis admitted to using an anti-depressant, in response to Whitney’s claim that he had once seen pills strewn around her room. A disheveled appearance, random leg kicking, ricocheting facial expressions, and a moment of nodding off, led some fans to believe that Dennis was altered.

Cameran Eubanks distanced herself from Kathryn’s unpredictable antics all season — losing some social media points with some die-hard Kathryn fans. However, many viewers understood Cameran’s decision to avoid the cast wildcard. 


Kathryn was captured admitting that she’s a gold digger — claiming that her plotted efforts landed her with “fool’s gold.”

“The people who paint me as a gold digger have no idea — I only was a gold digger to find that it was “fool’s gold, if anything.” Kathryn spilled.

Kathryn was able to point, shush and blast others — a glaring contrast within the unusually congenial crew. Kathryn noted dropping her “nice girl” act — a persona that Bravo cameras have yet to capture. The Charleston based  group seems to be genuine friends — with one glaring exception. One viewer said it best.

Kathryn labels Thomas a jerk, faking a nice-guy act for the cameras — then admits that Thomas continues to pay her rent, even through the tumultuous rollercoaster that defines their relationship. Kathryn kept Thomas’ children from him for fourteen weeks — yet he continued to pay her rent — with NO legal agreement in place. Not exactly mean.

Part two of the charming spectacle airs next week — will Kathryn continue to keep things lively?


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