EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind Thomas Ravenel’s Dinner Party From Hell #SouthernCharm

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Southern Charm_Thomas_Ravenel_s_Explosive_Dinner_Party

Thomas Ravenel shared a few scathing “Words of Wisdom” during a hosted  dinner party, on Monday night’s episode of Southern Charm— a speech that sent the cast fleeing into the night.

Ravenel called out Shep Rose, even challenging his co-star to step outside to settle their differences.

A source spoke exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.Com — explaining Thomas Ravenel’s beef with the self-proclaimed ladies man, and the baggage that triggered the verbal tussle.

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The source explains that Ravenel has felt bitterness towards Shep, since Season One of the hit reality show.

Thomas lost his cool with resentment dating back to season 1, when Shep urged Danni [Baird] not to date him, because he has a criminal past.” 

Ravenel, former State Treasurer of South Carolina, comes from one of the most prominent families in Charleston. However, in 2008, the former politician served a brief stint in federal prison, after being convicted on drug-related charges.

Thomas has made it no secret that he’s fond of Danni, and believes that she would make a wonderful wife and mother. Danni also once dated Shep. A good old-fashioned, southern love triangle, y’all!

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The source dished that Thomas believes Shep continually tries to disparage him to women, and explains that he was simply disgusted with the ongoing banter, and Shep’s spoiled behavior.   

“Thomas was fed up with Shep because he is always trying to diminish him to women. Shep is a mailbox trust-fund kid, and Thomas worked his butt off as a real estate developer.” The source adds, “Shep needed to hear the truth, and be taught a lesson — that’s why Thomas exploded.”

Stay tuned as charmer of a dinner party, continues to hit the southern fan. 


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