EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel Heads To New York With His Kids To Film ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Reunion!

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As exclusively reportedThomas Ravenel was awarded joint custody of his daughter and son, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, 2, and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, 7 months.

The decision came down last week (June 9) after a South Carolina court ordered a random drug screen for both parents. Ravenel and his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis were tested for drugs and alcohol as part of their ongoing custody proceedings. AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively reported, marijuana and cocaine were found in Kathryn’s system, and Ravenel’s results came back clean. 

After the June 9th hearing, the Ravenel children were immediately handed over to their father. And after spending the weekend with his lovely kids, the Southern Charm star, has packed up his brood and they’re heading to New York City to film Southern Charm‘s Season 3 Reunion. 

AllAboutTheTea.com spoke to Thomas Ravenel to get his reaction to his recent court victory and he shared that he would be flying to NYC to film a 2-day reunion.

“Bravo reminded me that I am contractually obligated to film the reunion,” He said, adding “So I am going to take the kids with me to NYC on Monday, along with my nanny, Dawn to fulfill my contractual duties.” Ravenel continued, “We’ll make a trip out of it and take the kids to see a show while we’re there.”

Thomas was extremely happy and is looking forward to the NYC getaway with his family.

“I’m excited to finally have my kids after 12 weeks and traveling with them will be fun.”

The politician turned reality star had not seen his kids for 12 weeks when he appeared in court last week to negotiate a custody arrangement with Dennis. Ravenel shared his thoughts about the time apart from his children.

“I used to see them every other week for three days, and then it went down to every other week for two days,” Thomas explained. “But before court, I had not seen them for twelve weeks!”

A “joint custody” agreement was struck, and following the proceedings, the Ravenel children were immediately handed over to their father. Thomas reunited with Kensie and Saint, after a twelve week separation.

“I gained joint custody of my kids on Thursday and I feel so blessed to see them after 12 weeks,” Thomas said.

The Southern Charm Season 3 Reunion is being filmed on Tuesday and Wednesday in NYC and promises to be a doozy!

In previous reunion shows, host Andy Cohen generally focused on Kathryn and Thomas‘ roller-coaster relationship. This season has shown the parents quarreling over various issues, from parenting to money. During a recent episode, Kathryn flipped out after Thomas said that he was joining Whitney Sudler-Smith, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover on their trip to Los Angeles, days before Kathryn was due to deliver their son. Thomas ended up canceling his plans and apologized to Kathryn, after she used their baby to manipulate what he does. Kathryn then purposely disappeared for a few days to add to the drama. 

Thomas warns us, he plans to behave for this reunion and will not take the “drama” bait and be lured into a shouting match with Dennis like previous reunions. He said he plans to be the perfect Southern gentleman!

The reunion is expected to be aired at the end of June, stay tuned.


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