‘Little Women’ Villain Matt Grundhoffer Arrested For Malicious Mischief

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What’s it going to take for Little Women: LA’s Briana Renee to dump her no good, cheating, criminal husband, Matt Grundhoffer?

Matt‘s shady past just gets shadier and shadier as more stuff comes out like an ant bed that’s been kicked.

So far in Matt’s trunk of tricks are arrests for DUI, strangling an ex-girlfriend, and sexting strangers while professing his love to his baby-mama, Briana. So what’s seeping out of the sewer now? In 2005, Matt was arrested for malicious mischief.

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The court records show the case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice after a $100 fine was paid and a 6-month probationary period was completed without further incident by Grundhoffer.

For a while, fans and fellow LWLA castmates held out hope that Briana would kick Matt to the curb, but after their two-episode Ride or Die update, Briana eventually took her baby daddy back.


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