Fans Petition To Get Briana Renee & Her Cheating Hubby Matt Ericson Fired From #LittleWomenLA

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Matt and Briana petition to remove-Little Women LA

Fans of Little Women: LA have spent three seasons watching a controversial romance bloom between Briana Renee and Matt Ericson aka Matt Grundhoffer.

Their relationship began online, and developed into a marriage, followed by a pregnancy. Their stormy relationship has been documented on Little Women: LA, and then in a spinoff three-parter called, “Little Women: Briana & Matt Ride or Die.” The spinoff special documents the couple struggling to stay afloat, in the midst of disturbing discovered realities within their marriage.

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After part one of the “Ride or Die,” spinoff aired, Briana received harsh feedback that she wasn’t too thrilled about, Briana took to Instagram to blasts fans, “Don’t talk about me until you have talked to me. Don’t underestimate me until you challenge me. Don’t judge me until you know me.” The reality star’s post captioned.

Matt was exposed and busted for repeatedly sending sexually explicit pictures and messages to several women, along with secretly denigrating his wife and his marriage. A group of viewers have had enough, and have taken on a grassroots effort to get Matt, and the tirelessly forgiving Briana, off the air.

The jump to action was in light of Matt’s extensive record, and the disturbing developments presented on the show. The petition reads.

“During this time several disturbing facts surrounding Briana’s now-husband Matt Grundhoffer and his past have come to light which call into question the safety of Briana herself, her young daughter, and her fellow cast members. This new information leads us to believe that it is no longer appropriate for Matt and Briana to remain on the show.”

The petition lists the charges brought against Grundhoffer.   

“According to public record the following charges were brought against Matt Grundhoffer between 2005-2012: Assault 2nd Degree Domestic Violence Felony Assault 2 – Strangulation Gross Misdemeanor – Assault 4th Degree Malicious Mischief – 3rd Degree The 4th degree assault charge appears to still be pending according to public record.  According to online reports, the police report surrounding the Felony Assault 2 charge notes that the victim had visible bruising around her neck.  While those charges were dropped, JUST BECAUSE A CHARGE WAS DROPPED DOES NOT MEAN A CRIME DID NOT OCCUR.”

Briana is the mother of one daughter, and is currently pregnant with Matt’s child. The petition notes Matt’s abusive language towards Grundhoffer’s cast-mates, hate speech targeted at the little person community, and “misogynistic words and comments used to intimidate and demean women.”

The petition also points out that Lifetime, a network that claims to cheer women, hypocritically rewarded Matt and Briana with their own special — highlighting Matt’s infidelities.

The petition has a little over 1,000 signatures, as of Saturday evening. If you wish to join the effort, the petition can be found here.


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