Thomas Ravenel’s Friends Suggest He Get A Paternity Test — Craig Conover Reveals A Shocking Revelation About Kathryn #SouthernCharm

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There’s more scandal tonight for our Southern Charmed friends. 

With the arrival of their son St. Julien, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis begin taking ‘baby’ steps towards a possible reconciliation. However, when Patricia Altschul hosts an all male dinner honoring Thomas‘ newborn son, shocking revelations and fiery accusations give the proud father little reason to celebrate.

CLICK: JD Urges Thomas To Get A Paternity Test For His Son Since Kathryn Sleeps Around #SouthernCharm

As Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Whitney SudlerSmith, JD Maddison and Patricia are relaxing with a cocktail, everyone pressures Thomas about having a paternity test. JD starts by asking Thomas what’s going on with Kathryn now that St. Julien has arrived. Thomas says.

“She’s great. She seems to really enjoy motherhood. She’s been breastfeeding and she’s really taken to this baby.”

JD interrupts because Thomas is not taking the hint.

“Thomas you going to do another paternal type test or not?”

“I mean, we did one but the test was inconclusive.” Thomas replies.

Inconclusive? Is that just a nice way of saying, “Hey Thomas, you ain’t the father?” At least that’s what everyone looks like they’re thinking as the camera pans the room.

Patricia tries a more direct approach with Thomas.

“In my ancient years here on earth, I don’t know anybody that’s had to have one paternity test, and you’ve had to have two.”

Thomas says, “The first baby, it was accurate.”

Seeing more red flags than at a bull fight, Patricia tries again.

“Yeah, and the fact that you’ve have to have two paternity tests, does that kind of say it all, to you?”

In a talking head video, Craig confirms that at the time of Julien’s conception, Kathryn was “totally dating someone else” and she and Thomas had a weekend romance around that time.

“I honest to god think there’s a very good chance this isn’t Thomas’ baby.” Craig says.

When Whitney recommends that Thomas get the paper work for his own state of mind, and others in the room nod in agreement, Thomas exclaims,

“I’m getting mixed messages from you guys.”

Though everyone seems to be on the same page and hope for Thomas’ sake the baby is his, Patricia, in her “ancient” wisdom sums everything up in her classic southern style.

“But let’s face it,” Patricia says. “It wouldn’t be the first time she’s told lies. Big time lies.”

Watch a preview clip of the juicy drama below and tune into Bravo tonight to see what Thomas does at 9:00 pm ET.


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