JD Urges Thomas To Get A Paternity Test For His Son Since Kathryn Sleeps Around #SouthernCharm

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JD and Thomas_Southern Charm

Our favorite Southern Charmer’s return tonight and so does the drama!

As Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis prepare to welcome their son into the world, John David Madison (JD) questions whether Thomas is actually the father. At the heart of all of this drama is Thomas‘ promiscuous baby mama, Kathryn.

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After a game of polo, JD & Thomas sip bourbon and pow-wow over loose Kathryn and paternity tests. JD is shocked to learn the doctor wants to induce labor on Monday. JD turns to Thomas and exclaims, “MONDAY!”

“You got to be kidding! I don’t know whether to be excited about this or say, oh sh*t.” Thomas‘ BFF continues.

In a Talking Head, JD express his suspicions, 

“With her moving up the due date, it seems awfully .” 

Like many on the cast, JD has conflicted feelings over the paternity of the baby Kathryn is carrying due to the fact that she was sleeping with other guys during the time of conception. JD tells Thomas,

“I’m not trying to allude to anything, I just know you and I talked about it and she was dating other people at the time—which is suspect.”

JD recommends that Thomas get a paternity test just to be sure.

“I don’t think women like to be asked for a paternity test—it doesn’t really speak well to their character. But I know you well and know you want a son and I know how important this child is to you.”

“If it were me—I would probably want to go ahead and do the test, just to be 100% sure.”

Thomas agrees, but because of the pressure to carry on the Ravenel name, Thomas feels that regardless of the outcome, “that baby’s mine.”

Tune in tonight at 9:00pm EST on Bravo for the paternity test drama. 


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