‘Little Women LA’ Star Briana’s Husband “Isolating” Family After Premature Labor Crisis

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Briana Renee

A pregnancy scare has landed Little Women: LA star Briana Renee in the hospital and her family is claiming they haven’t been able to personally speak with her because of her husband, Matt Ericson’s, “controlling” ways.

Briana’s father, Robert Kealiher, has heard that his daughter went into premature labor at only six months, but the family has been unable to confirm this or be by her side.

“Nobody has been able to contact her,” Briana’s father told Radar. “Matt doesn’t let us speak to her. This guy has control of her phone and he answers her texts.”

During the reunion show, Matt admitted to sexting his private parts to other women during their marriage. At their second wedding ceremony, which was filmed for the show, Briana’s parents, along with many of the castmates, weren’t invited to view the nuptials because they don’t feel he’s a good choice for Briana.

“This guy has isolated everyone around her,” Kealiher said. “I haven’t talked to her in a year.”

The family is aware of Matt’s dark past that includes a DUI and a domestic violence arrest.

“Everyone says he’s not a nice guy,” he said. “He’s a wacko!”

Despite Matt’s confession to the betrayal, Briana appears to be standing by her man. Briana did say at the reunion that she asked Matt to leave her home for a week – but that was so he could visit the children he reportedly abandoned in Seattle.

Briana’s father said, “I’m sure he’s using her for his gain” adding that “She’s very gullible.”

Kealiher explained that Briana allows him to see his granddaughter “one day a week” but at this point in time, he has “chosen to not reach out again.” He said, “The ball is in her court.”

We wish Briana and the baby a safe and healthy delivery.


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