Dorinda Medley Sides With Bethenny In Tipsy Girl Battle & Disinvites Sonja From The Berkshires! #RHONY

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Tonight, the boozy battle between Real Housewives of New York costars, Bethenny “Skinnygirl” Frankel and Sonja Morgan wages on, pitting  castmates against each other. 

Last week, Bethenny pounded a teary Sonja into the floorboards when she heard about Morgan‘s new Prosecco venture, branded under the name “Tipsy Girl.”

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On tonight’s episode, Bethenny hosts a holiday gift exchange party where the hot topic of discussion is a trip to the Berkshires. During a walk with Sonja, Dorinda Medley delivers the disappointing news to Sonja, notifying her she is not invited to the Berkshires with the other ladies.

“I don’t think right now it’s healthy for you to be in a room with all these girls,” a reluctant Dorinda tells Sonja.

Then in the Berkshires, the women gather and Luann mentions that, “Sonja is so upset,” after being excluded from the trip, when Ramona chimes in, “She needs to work on herself!”

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Luann defends her new roommate and tells Ramona, “she feels excluded.” But Ramona is not ready to join the Sonja sympathy tour and snaps, “She has some MAJOR problems!”

As Bethenny arrives, the revelation that Luann is living with and “mentoring” Sonja leads to a major confrontation with Luann. Bethenny blasts Sonja for using the name “Tipsy Girl” to brand her Prosecco.

“You don’t know? You don’t know it sounds like it?” The “Skinnygirl” bully barks at Luann,Pick a lane. You’re smart or you’re stupid. Call it ‘Stupid Girl,’ I’ll have more respect.”

Watch an exclusive preview of tonight’s Real Housewives of New York fireworks below and tune into Bravo at 9/8c to catch the full episode.


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