Dorinda Medley Blasts Sonja Morgan In Tipsy Girl Battle With Bethenny “Get Your Own Bag” #RHONY

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Dorinda Medley is in a fighting spirit this week. On her Real Housewives of New York blog, she criticizes others for, well, being critical.

“The show so far revolves around two things: Jules and John. Thank God for me, right?! What did they ever do without Dorinda? Oh that’s right…lie, deflect, attack, belittle, accuse… there’s something about having privilege and opportunity that turns a lady into a vixen, or a vixen into a viper.”

Without naming names, I’m going out on a limb to say she’s talking about Ramona Singer here. Last week at the psychic shindig, Dorinda had enough of Ramona’s mouth and flayed her alive.

“These good old adages are there for a reason: “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all;” “that’s the pot calling the kettle ‘black’;” “it takes one to know one;” “let him without sin cast the first stone;”…some people around us think they’re actually God (or Goddess) and believe they know enough to be judge and jury, but really……it’s been DONE…”

Dorinda is steadfast in her defense of John, though why, I’m still not sure. He brings nothing to the table. I wonder if Dorinda is still holding on because she doesn’t want to admit she’s been wrong about him?

“Telling the so-called “truth” and being so-called “honest” does not give anyone license to destroy someone’s character… And what I’ve noticed is that there is SO MUCH TALKING and so much being said, what jumps out at me the most is what’s left UNSAID. The insecurity, the resentment…it’s staggering.”

Dorinda defends her new pal, Jules Wainstein, too.

“Look, Jules is a beautiful (and I mean beautiful), effervescent, hilarious, stylish, three-dimensional, successful, youthful and young, loving wife and mother, entrepreneur, friend, and inspiration… Most people, even among the stars in our RHONY galaxy, couldn’t call themselves half those things. I’ll leave it at that.”

Then she takes a swipe at Carole Radziwill for questioning Jules’ relationship with food and her battle with an eating disorder.

“She can lay food out for a guest, like a true lady does, and is criticized for laying out too much. She can bring all the food to a friend’s party and is criticized for not eating any… Just stop.”

Next, Dorinda has Sonja Morgan and her new venture in mind:

“After that haunting visit from husbands and fathers, we were ALL tipsy girls…which leads me to this: Remember those commercials from Doritos a few years ago? Yeah… Get your own bag.”

Dorinda holds Bethenny Frankel up as an example of sisters doing it for themselves and not relying on the famous name of a rich ex-husband.

“…good old-fashioned hard work, a great idea, great brains, and not caring what anyone does or says to prevent or destroy it can pay off and pay off BIG. She goes from pushing a cookie on someone to thanking someone for coming hundreds of miles in the rain to ask for one. …she’s been blessed with good fortune, good drive, and a good head on her shoulders. That work ethic hasn’t changed; the dedication remains the same.”

So whose side are you on in this battle of the booze hounds? Is Sonja riding Bethenny’s coattails? And when will Dorinda wake up and realize that John is her drinking buddy and enabler—nothing more?


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