Reza Farahan Exposes Mike’s Ex Jessica As A Cheater Who Got A Rolls Royce From An Affair #ShahsofSunset

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More drama fallout has occurred from Reza Farahan’s appearance Monday night in the clubhouse with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

This time it was comments made by Reza concerning Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido’s failed marriage. 

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Andy asked Reza who he thought was more at fault in the demise of Mike and Jessica’s marriage and was shocked when Reza named Jessica“She might of, sort of, been in a relationship when all of that was going down,” the Sha’s of Sunset star revealed.

When Andy tried to clarify that both Mike and Jessica were cheating on each other at the same time, Reza’s response was, “Allegedly.”

Reza explained that Mike “was trying to get her back while she was getting a Rolls Royce and Rolex and Chanel.”

So when Andy asked if Jessica made the right choice to divorce Mike, Reza didn’t hesitate to offer his opinion. “Well clearly not. When the guy she was with started having his issues, she was wanting to come back to Mike.”

Let the Twitter war begin. Jessica did not care for this line of Q & A on her behalf and blasted Reza on with repeated tweets. Bitter, party of one! 

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