Reza Farahan Accuses Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi Of Physical Assault And Abusing Booze & Pills — GG Responds!

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What exactly is the beef between Shahs of Sunset stars, Reza Farahan and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi?

Reza made a Bravo clubhouse appearance on Sunday evening, to dish with Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live. During the Bravo after show, Reza went off on GG, after a caller asked if he now had a better understanding as to why GG had been lashing out this season.  

Reza sounded off, and gave his take on GG’s aggressive and erratic behavior. Reza commented,

“(GG) has a chemical imbalance and she has psychological issues. The b*tch needs to check into a mental institution and stop self-medicating with all the pills. She uses and alcohol and then I think her life would be great.”

Tell us what you really think, Reza!

Reza blasted GG, referring to her as “the psycho from my show.” The dispute evidently stems from Reza’s allegation that GG attacked him and his husband, Adam Neely.

Reza backed up his claim by tweeting a pic of Adam, with red scratches on his neck, after a fan questioned why was Reza going after GG on Watch What Happens Live.

Shahs of Sunset

On Twitter, GG responded to Reza‘s allegations about her “issues.” She tweeted, “Alcohol wasnt the issue. I was taking Oxy & Hydro for pain then after a drink or 2 I would go into a different zone. But things have changed.”

GG tweeted that the reason for the meds, was to treat her rheumatoid arthritis. “Finding the right meds for my RA has changed my life and I’m back to my happy self! #FuckRA”

During a recent episode of Shahs of Sunset, GG‘s costars sounded off on Golnesa‘s drinking – and what they view as her friends making excuses for her bad behavior. “There’s an elephant in the room that nobody is addressing,” said Bobby Panahi as the friends discuss recent explosive incidents involving her. “Golnesa has a drinking problem.” 

Asa Soltan Rahmati added that “it’s a combination of that and being somebody who’s dealing with a lot of insecurities and a lot of problems.”

Tell us what you think. Was Reza too harsh or is GG a “psycho?


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