Twitter Erupts After Bethenny Frankel’s Narcissistic Rampage On Sonja Morgan Over Tipsy Girl #RHONY

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As the Skinny vs Tipsy battle rages on, Real Housewives of New York fans are still talking about the recent verbal beating Bethenny Frankel unleashed on Sonja Morgan.

Frankel flogged Morgan with accusations of ripping off her brand, with an intent to grasp her frantically successful coattails. Fans sounded off, with many labeling the nasty lashing as unnecessarily harsh.

One casual jaw-dropper was semi-lost in the brouhaha, and that occurred during an earlier scene, where Bethenny, along with Carole and Ramona, shook their fists and declared Sonja a narcissist. There is no doubt that every one of Andy’s beauties has a narcissistic streak, fed and nurtured by Bravo. However, Bethenny Frankel takes the low-cal cake.

The verbal thrashing that viewers witnessed is a solid example, of the Skinnygirl’s incessant need for attention. Bethenny knew the smackdown that was about to go down, even noting that she felt sorry for Sonja before she pummeled her co-star to tears. Bethenny strategically chose to humiliate Sonja in front of a live audience, not any audience, but within her  circle of employees — her paid fan club.  Fans noticed the contrived surroundings — staged for a bloodbath that Bethenny had already won. Her Skinny-cheerleaders were probably relieved, that it wasn’t one of them, in Bethenny’s line of fire.

Let’s not forget the Skinnygirl product placement that is making viewers puke up their cocktails, all over America. When will Bethenny emerge from her closet in her Skinny-spanx, [hear that Heather Thomson?] wiping her face with a Skinny-wipe, while shoving Skinny-popcorn into her always  jabbering mouth? How about a girly sleepover in the Berkshires — sponsored by you know who?

Bethenny can’t dart her frenetic eyeballs in any direction, without catching a glimpse of Skinnygirl red. She dominates discussions, and proclaims know-it-all victories every week — while revealing herself as a backbiter, ready to cut a Tipsy-bitch. Bethenny needs to have several seats — naturally facing a full-length mirror. A couple of thoughts from fans summarize the spirit of the episode in just a few words. 


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