Sonja Morgan Defends Her Tipsy Girl Booze Line Following Bethenny Frankel’s Verbal Smackdown #RHONY

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Sonja Morgan always seeks to land on her feet — so why are her co-stars trying to trip her up, on her quest for solid financial footing?

The Real Housewives of New York star is hustling to make a buck with a new Prosecco product, branded under the name “Tipsy Girl.”

Bethenny “Skinnygirl” Frankel pounded a teary Sonja into the floorboards when she heard the news, and Ramona wasted no time, jabbing at the endeavor behind her back. Bethenny owns a multi-million dollar empire, and Bravo viewers have witnessed Ramona hawking jewelry, trophies, skin care, and wine. What is the problem with Sonja grabbing a piece of the Bravo advertised pie?

Sonja took to her blog, to defend herself against Bethenny’s thrashing, and share her side of the story. She notes that Bethenny may be “Skinny,” but she doesn’t own the word.

There are several products before and after Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Margarita (which she sold to Jim Beam) with the word Skinny, which has a thin or healthy connotation. I never thought she’d be mad about me partnering up with these guys that I worked with a lifetime ago in the restaurant biz.

Sonja also clarifies that she appreciates the experience that Bethenny allowed her, when she invited her to attend her brand summit. 

When I went to Bethenny’s brand summit, I took no one’s card. I would never want her to think I want to rip her off. I want my friends to know I am with them for them. I went to be with HER, enjoy the moment together and was flattered she trusted me.

Sonja gets to the heart of the matter,  pegging the dynamic that she shares with Bethenny, and how she interprets Bethenny’s verbal beating. 

I would be a crazy person to go up against Bethenny. And everyone can see how the girls suck up to Bethenny. I don’t suck up to her, and I’ve always had a nice relationship based on feelings. Our relationship is not based on using each other to get ahead socially or in business. I don’t text her back and forth on those subjects. This is about Bethenny taking this personally. She is very upset. And it’s personal. That’s the last thing I want. Last thing I would expect from Bethenny.

Sonja shares her heart — the one we saw ripped apart, during the episode.

I’m feeling misunderstood, but obviously Bethenny is very hurt. So now I’m hurt that she’s hurt since she is my pillar of strength. I look up to Bethenny as inspiration and would never wish that. It’s like a balloon just popped over my head that I was following.

Sonja didn’t leave Ramona out, blasting her once partner-in-crime, for being a hypocritical traitor.

She’s [Ramona] knocking my legitimate businesses to Bethenny? After acting happy for me at my fashion show and seeing my beautiful designs and jewelry and the work that I put into it? What are Ramona’s businesses? She has had her jewelry, facial creams that never do, the little book that never did, the restaurant that never was hers, and the red wine and rosé that never stayed or happened, while she seems to have a ongoing hobby slandering people. How long can that last? What is she building? An international bullying brand?  

Sonja states what the fans all know — reading both Ramona and Dorinda Medley, for judging her business discernment.

Ramona discussing Tipsy Girl and its connotation towards me with Dorinda is a joke. Both girls should look at how much they tip their own cups. They both drink like fish. Ramona should not be the   litmus test that Bethenny uses to judge Peter. Ramona was the one who told the world she was an owner of AOA and she wasn’t.

Sonja closes with an apology to Bethenny — for inadvertently hurting her feelings.

However, I don’t want to hurt Bethenny’s feelings, and I do feel that is happening here. She has worked very hard and she is going through a difficult divorce with a young daughter to support. I am feeling her pain. That’s not ok with me. For that I am very sorry.

Sonja should not regret grabbing a chance at the boozy brass ring — it’s a shame that her once biggest cheerleader, is now kissing the bony behind of the biggest bully of the season. You GO Sonja — go get TIPSY!! 


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