Skinny Bitch! Bethenny Frankel Obsession To Control All Brands Containing The Words “Skinny” Or “Girl” #RHONY

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The Skinny is about the hit the fan tonight, as the brand war heats up on The Real Housewives of New York.

Skinnygirl mogul, Bethenny Frankel, is locked and loaded, ready to scold Sonja Morgan into her place, for putting her name behind a new Prosecco product, branded Tipsy Girl.

Morgan’s business partner, Peter Guimaraes, actually takes credit for the moniker, but there is little doubt that we can expect Frankel to blow Sonja’s head off, for what she believes to be an underhanded and backbiting business maneuver. No matter how the Bravolebs roll the dice between business choices and personal relationships, it’s certainly a no-brainer to note that the words “Skinny” and “Girl” are not unique, in the land of consumerism. All ventures aren’t alcohol related, but Bethenny has branched into foods, teas, and is probably plotting a line of Skinnygirl Housewares, or maybe even a clothing line, to counter Lisa Rinna’s roomy QVC collection.

CLICK: Bethenny Frankel Knocked Off Her High Horse In Tipsy Girl Battle With Sonja Morgan

We know the sky’s the limit, for the go-getting Frankel, who plans to take over the world, one bony product at a time. Besides the obvious “Skinny Cow” — GASP — products with the word “Skinny” include — Skinnytea, Skinny Lyfe Tea, Skinny Buddha, Skinny Gut, SkinnyStix, Skinnyshake, Skinny Flush, Skinny Fiber, Skinny Pop, and Skinny Bunny. Let’s not forget Skinny Bitch, and that old Jersey favorite, Skinny Italian. I have undoubtedly missed dozens of others, and whether these brands came into fruition before or after Bethenny’s boozy dream child, the fact remains that the word “SKINNY” was, and remains up for grabs.


We really don’t need to get into the generic nature of the word “Girl.” It is worth noting that there is a line of cookbooks, currently being marketed under the moniker of “Hungry Girl.” The irony is certainly not lost on me.

Fan opinions are mixed, when weighing in on Sonja teaming with someone wired to stick a brazen toe into the girly side of the liquor industry. Some believe that Tipsy is a fancy-free minnow, and Skinny is a figure conscious whale, and the two Girls should be able to co-exist just swimmingly. Others believe that Sonja cut a bitch with the sneaky alliance, and that bitch should have been valued as a supportive friend.


Do you think that there is room in the proverbial drink, for both the Skinny and the Tipsy? Sound off in the comments!


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