Bethenny Frankel Knocked Off Her High Horse In Tipsy Girl Battle With Sonja Morgan #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel_Sonja Morgan

Bethenny Frankel is fighting mad, but is losing the boozy label battle, squaring off with her Real Housewives of New York co-star, Sonja Morgan.

Morgan announced her new Prosecco product on the last episode of the show, under a brand dubbed “Tipsy Girl.” Viewers know that Frankel’s claws are out over the soundalike moniker, but many don’t know that the 45-year-old mogul made a move to snatch it, filing to trademark the catchy name. Frankel was stopped in her tracks, and the roadblock had nothing to do with her Bravo cast-mate.

Frankel’s sneaky move to trademark “TipsyGirl” was suspended on April 11, 2016 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, because it was already trademarked in June 2015, by Tipsy Girl’s CEO, Peter Guimaraes.

Sonja came into the picture long after Guimaraes solidified the moniker. Peter spoke to OK magazine last month, about the contention that triggered the reality catfight. Morgan’s business partner states that he didn’t bring in the reality star until November of 2015, adding,

 Sonja Morgan did not come up with the concept Tipsy Girl.”

Peter explains that Tipsy Girl was never meant to compete with Frankel’s low calorie spirits concept.   

“They are in no way similar,” he said. “Tipsy Girl is all about high quality, well-priced alcohol and restaurants with a fun atmosphere, and high quality food.”

Guimaraes continues.

“I’ve been in the business far longer than Bethenny and been using the name Tipsy Girl back in my 20’s when girls would come to my bar. I never even heard of her or the brand until I met Ramona [Singer] and Sonja. No one is trying to copycat her.”

Peter had Frankel served with a cease and desist, in January. He also said that Tipsy Girl alcohol will be available in stores in early May along with “the first of many Tipsy Girl restaurants.” The first location is expected to open on West 8th Street, in NYC.

It’s relevant to note Bethenny’s snapping defensive reaction to an aired nod to the similarity between the brand names “Skinnygirl” and “Skinny Cow.” A preview clip of the upcoming episode shows Bethenny blasting Sonja, citing her label as a “cheater brand,” when referencing her connection with “Tipsy Girl.” Colorful vocabulary maybe—but a quick search turns up no such industry term.

Bethenny appears to be bullying Morgan with self-righteous and imaginary accusations, in her obsessive need to conquer and possess the whole darned intoxicated universe. Give it a rest, Skinnygirl. 


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