Karen “KK” King’s Baby Daddy Speaks Out About Karen Hiring Their Sons To Kill Him — Watch Interview Here! #LHHATL

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karen-king and lyndon smith lhhatl attempted murder

In response to Karen “KK” King’s version of hiring her own kids to murder her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Lyndon Smith, it’s now Lyndon’s turn to talk. And talk he did!

Lyndon sat down with James Camper, in an hour-long interview, comparing his life with Karen, star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, as a “deadly chess game” and calling her a “master manipulator.”

Lyndon and Karen’s History

The two were introduced after Lyndon’s release from prison, having spent the past three years behind bars for drug charges. Lyndon had no place to go, so his “homeboy” introduced him to Karen, and she took Lyndon into her home. At the time, Lyndon was roughly 27 and Karen was approximately five years older. Lyndon says they only have one child together, Sas. Karen already had two boys with two other men, one being Scrap, who was four at the time they met.

Lyndon claims he never had drama in his life until he met Karen, though many will find this hard to believe. Soon after his release he returned to a life of crime and began transporting large amounts of drugs and making “big money.” During their time together, Lyndon kept getting robbed and or burglarized, four different times, and though Lyndon was slow to put two and two together, now accuses Karen of being behind his stolen drugs and stolen money.

Karen is no angel, we know this, but Lyndon says her crimes are “white collar” and alleges she was involved in fraud and counterfeit. Both were in and out of jail during these years. Lyndon claims he never was in love with Karen, and this was the heart of the entire issue. She hated the Lyndon was in love with another woman, Treyshell, (sp?) who lived in California and is mother to Alonte and daughter.

What Lead Up to the Beat Down

Lyndon claims that Alonte didn’t like living in Alabama and preferred to spend time with his half-brother, Sas, in Atlanta. Karen kept calling Lyndon to come get his son, Alonte, because he was rude and smoking weed. It was a Sunday, Lyndon’s plan was to pick up Alonte, turn around and come back. In the interview, Lydon says he never laid a hand on Sas or Karen, but doesn’t make this claim for Alonte either way. To his “best assumption” Lyndon doesn’t know exactly what Karen said to the boys, but stated Karen was “always grooming his kids to hate him” because he never loved her.

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Another “ass-umption” made my Lyndon, during this time, he and Karen were involved in illegal, fraudulent activities, and Karen was mad because Lyndon was making more illegal, fraudulent money than she was. Lydon speculated that Karen told the boys Lyndon cheated her out of money. But still, Lyndon never once suspected what was about to go down.

Lyndon’s Brush with Death

Karen asked Lyndon to rent a U-Haul to transport some baby furtive and believes the original plan was to dump his body in this U-Haul. After picking up the furniture, assembling the furniture and going to dinner with Karen and Alonte, Lyndon stayed the night. He denies sleeping with Karen and said she sleeps with her dogs. The following morning, Monday, he was ready to go back to Alabama but needed to return the U-Haul. It was when he returned to the house after this errand that he was jumped by Twin, Sas, Scrap, and Amigo. Twin and Amigo are not blood, just friends of Sas, Scrap and Alonte’s. Notice how Lyndon leaves Alonte out of the hit crew?

When Lyndon entered the kitchen, his very first thought was he was having a heart attack. He had been struck from behind. As he was passing out, the last words he heard were Karen yelling, “Kill his ass.” Lyndon didn’t have time to fight back and doesn’t recall being placed in the trunk of the car. He read in the police report that “the other guys” were in a car behind Twin, who was driving the car he was in. Lyndon also doesn’t remember the police officer who pulled over Twin for a traffic violation, ultimately saving his life. His first memory is waking up in the hospital.

The Lingering After Effects

Lyndon did not die, as was reported. He underwent two surgeries to save his eye, though he cannot see out of one today. He explained that Karen “planted” incriminating evidence in his car, so when it was time to be interviewed by the cops, they wanted to know about this. Additionally, Lyndon was unable to attend many of the court dates and his absence only aided the suspects, so some of the charges were dropped.

The person who was going to be left holding the bag was his son Alonte. Everyone had bonded out of jail except Alonte who stayed behind bars for two years. It took authorities nearly a year to locate and arrest Karen and going on the lam. Lydon didn’t want his son Alonte to do hard time, so he chose not to cooperate with police. In the end, Sas was sentenced to 10 years of probation and a $25K fine, Karen’s charges were eventually dropped, and Lyndon doesn’t know what happened to Twin, who was driving the car, or Amigo.

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