‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Karen “KK” King And Sons Arrested For Kidnapping & Brutal Beating of Ex

Posted on Apr 5 2016 - 12:37pm by Dani-K

Karen King & sons -LHHATL

This season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is going to be a HotLanta mess!

Newcomer to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 cast, Karen “KK” King is not your average mother. Described in a VH1 press release as previously the vivacious, outspoken momager to her sons Scrapp DeLeon (Will Cortez Robinson) and Sas (Lyndon Ahlik Smith) who set the rap game ablaze as teenagers in a group called Da Razkalz Cru. 

king-LHHATLKaren “KK” King with her two sons enter the Havana Club on LHHATL

However, VH1 failed to mention, all three were arrested and indicted in the brutal beating, kidnapping, and attempted murder of Sas’ own father, Lyndon Baines Smith in 2012. A total of six were charged in connection with the beating, however, two of the individuals involved in the attack are Lyndon’s own children.

karen king-LHHATL

Ex-girlfriend, KK, was said to be the “mastermind” and was the last of the six to be apprehended and arrested after hiding out in Florida. KK’s claim to fame also includes being featured on America’s Most Wanted for this assault.

Here are the facts according to Starcasm:

MARCH 4, 2012 – Lyndon Smith makes a trip from his home in Gadsden, Alabama, to visit his ex-girlfriend, Karen “KK” King, 52, and his sons in BridgeMill, Georgia. He is being lured to his demise; this plan has reportedly been in the works for some time.

According to the report, when Lyndon arrives at KK’s home, he is jumped by a group of people and brutally beaten. His body is then placed in the trunk of his own car (a 2004 Mercury Sable) and Melvin Floyd (23) is put in charge of driving Lyndon back to his home town in Alabama, then leaving him there to fend for himself.

MARCH 8, 2012 – Melvin Floyd is pulled over around 4pm in Cleburne County, Alabama, during a routine traffic stop. According to Deputy Lance Willingham, Melvin displayed suspicious body language and would not identify the owner of the vehicle. Police searched the car, after receiving Melvin’s permission, and discover the body of a badly beaten Lyndon in the trunk. Lyndon is transported to University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital where he receives treatment for broken ribs and facial fractures. Unfortunately, as a result of the attack, Lyndon is blinded in one eye. He did not die, as it was mistakenly reported.

Lyndon_Baines_Smith_attackA bloodied Lyndon Smith on his way to the hospital after attack

“The driver consented to the search and the officer was actually shocked when he opened the trunk to find a man lying there beaten and bloodied,” Cherokee County police Lt. Jamie Gianfala said. “Without medical attention, the way he was beaten, the severity of it, he would have passed.”

Melvin Floyd is booked and charged with kidnapping-serious bodily injury, aggravated assault, and theft of motor vehicle. #sucker

MARCH (Date unknown) – After being informed that the beating of Lyndon most likely took place at a home in the BridgeMill, Georgia, area, Cherokee County police search the residence. They find evidence that the altercation took place in Georgia, but also discover an attempt to cover it up.

MARCH 17 – Melvin Floyd is released on an $88,800 bond.

MARCH 29 – KK’s son Scrapp (24) and Robert Silva Jr. (22) are arrested and charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and kidnapping with bodily injury.

MAY 12 – KK and Lyndon’s son, 17-year-old Alonte Lyndell Smith is arrested for his involvement in the beating of his father.

JUNE 8 – KK and Lyndon’s other son, Lyndon Ahlik Smith (aka Sas), 23, is arrested in Miami, Florida and taken into custody by the U.S. Marshall’s.

JUNE 27 – KK King is the only remaining suspect in the assault case not in custody. Atlanta’s WXIA features her as their “Fugitive of the Week.”

OCTOBER 12 – KK is featured on America’s Most Wanted. She is dubbed that mastermind, but no motive or reason is given as to why they lured Lyndon to Georgia.

APRIL 6, 2103 – KK is arrested in Vero Beach, Florida, after an anonymous tip. She is hiding at the home of her boyfriend, Aziz Munir, who is renting a condo. KK is arrested for aggravated assault with intent to murder, aggravated battery with intent to disfigure, kidnapping, armed robbery, and various drug related charges. In an attempt to alter her appearance, KK dyed her hair blonde. She reportedly is in possession of several forms of ID and credit cards not in her name.

APRIL 8 – All six individuals are formerly charged and indicted for aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and kidnapping with bodily injury.

Below is what Karen “KK” King looked like at the time of her capture by US Marshals. 

karen king-LHHATL

So if you think that’s crazy, wait, it gets even crazier. Karen, Sas, and Scrapp were all later released and all charges have reportedly been dropped. Sas and Scrapp were so proud they posted a photo thanking Allah for having “other plans.” His Instagram post captions, “They tried to put us away for along time but ALLAH had other plans… So much to smile about!!”


Unfortunately, the celebration didn’t last long and Scrapp was arrested on May 13, 2014 for trafficking marijuana (10-2,000 lb range).

Scrapp - LHHATL

This charge is classified as a felony and punishable 5-25 years, including a fine of up to $100K. 


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  • Chloe

    Mona Scott must receive tax kickbacks for recruiting felons. She’ll do anything for the ratings. Let’s see how this works out for her. Just when you think Steebie and Jose were too much to handle.

  • Anica1

    And so they deserve a job on a hit VH1 show? Mona stooped to a new low with these animals……says a lot about her….

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Good, this gives me a reason to watch. They needed some ratchet to spice up this boring show and nothing says spice like felons.

  • KKLS30

    Mona won’t stop till one cast member finally kills another will she? Now I know why Scrappy (not to be confused with Scrap) was choosing his words so carefully when trying to explain the King family. However I do support KK’s hatred of Tiarra as Tiarra apparently killed her dog which means I will never say anything nice about her.

  • RonnieRIB

    Just plain ignorant…bragging about foolishness which you CERTAINLY did get from yo momma. She should have taught you how to respect your elders and go get a damn haircut. #RachetAzzes

  • OMG!!!! Now I see why the cast was so afraid of this family.

    Great write up Dani-K.

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    What is unfortunate is that although the public is able to post “their thoughts,” on multi-sites such as this one, the truth of the matter is that, natta one of the idiots spoken of, or given advice to, receive the information, BUT worse yet, give a damn what we think if they did; as long as we are thinking of them whether in the positive or negative-ratings mean monetary benefit (i.e. goal attained). I am an opinionated female (that incidentally has a JURIS DOCTOR (I.E. LAWYER) from the Michigan “517”, born in a LEO sun & moon, so I could easily add commentary on all of the cast members; BUT, I digress, I’ll keep it minimal- regarding a mother talking mad shit to a son on how to appropriately behave when she is questionable herself & then watching her son have the audacity to straight play (2) females as if he’s ENTITLED to their loyalty because he’s looking at serving. What a joke-BOTTOM LINE. All Players involved, MONEY CANT BUY YOU CLASS, ETIQUETTE, MANNERS. Don”t hate the game, hate the Player. How about tired of All of Yall’s Bullshit period, player, game and all!

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  • Kitty

    What a bunch of heathens!

  • STX _Militant

    If you all haven’t realized what the so-called “reality show” phenomena bullshit is or has embedded in the minds of weak individuals in this society, as to how one gets to “stardom” or how to live your daily life, is being broadcasted and actually accepted by some as a way of life, is friggin appalling! These shows glorify scumbags, miscreants, thugs, homosexuals, fornicating bastards etc etc, for the viewing public as accepted living and the black American way of life as we know it. We need to wake the hell up and denounce this corrupted sense of destruction we’re being fed. It takes us further away from who we are on this earth. We’re Nubian Kings and Queens as our ancestors have been, those corporate bastards steady working to have us dwindle down to filth, where they can easily walk over. WAKE THE HELL UP!