Karen “KK” King Explains Why She Hired Her Kids To Kill Their Father — Watch Video Here! #LHHATL

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Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, let’s talk about a mom who maybe isn’t on the top of the Mom-of-the-Year list.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Karen “KK” King, explains in a new video why she hired her kids to attempt to kill their father. It probably won’t surprise you to know, KK denies being the mastermind and says it was out of love, not hate, that her boys beat their father nearly to death, giving a new definition to tough love.

CLICK: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Karen “KK” King And Sons Arrested For Kidnapping & Brutal Beating of Ex

Here’s the rundown:

In March 2012, KK reportedly lured the father of her sons’ Sas and Scrapp to her home in Georgia. Lyndon Baines Smith was jumped, beaten, and dumped in the trunk of a car. If it weren’t for the driver of the car being pulled over by police, it could have been the end of the story for Lyndon. Later that month, Sas and Scrapp were arrested for the crime, and good ole mom, KK, went on the lam where she gained notoriety for being on America’s Most Wanted. (Even her dog was on America’s Most Wanted.) She avoided arrest for almost a year and was finally apprehended in Florida. But according to KK, this was all a misunderstanding, so stop the judging.

“Everybody has a past,” KK said, admitting to being in prison a few times. “When you’re a single mom and you don’t want your kids to struggle, you might make some choices that are not so good.”

So what happened? KK explained, “I’ve had a situation where my children were angry with their father for not being a good dad.”

She goes on to say that her boys’ baby daddy, Lyndon, beat up their half-brother. KK said, “And they came and reciprocated. But they weren’t beating him for that, when I look at the picture. They were beating him for not ever being there for their whole life. They were angry and now this was the opportunity to get back.”

KK feels that it was her past that made people judge her and think she was involved in this sordid mess.

“They all thought because I had a criminal history, because I had been in trouble before that I made my children do that to their father. I would never do that. At the end of the day I was vindicated.”

And to KK, there’s a big difference when violence comes from emotion instead of hate. (Which is technically an emotion.)

“The best part of it is, my kids did not get three life sentences. I did not get three life sentences.” KK continued, “But by having the best defense, I was able to prove that these kids were acting on emotion, not on hate.”

And as for being on the run, KK has an excuse for that.

“And it’s unfortunate that I had to be on the run, but I had to run because had I [sic] stayed at the scene, I would have been jailed, too, and then there would been no money to help the kids, to get lawyers, you know, to bail out of jail, because my kids come first, right or wrong. I had to do what I had to do, as a mother.”

If you want to know the whole complete story, KK (or somebody) is writing a book. She has already picked out the title: Please Don’t Judge Me, I’ve Already Been Punished.

Watch the video below of Karen‘s tell her side of the attempted murder plot:


Hopefully this is a Mother’s Day joke.


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