Twitter Goons Attack Lisa Vanderpump In Defense Of #RHOBH Fans Turning On Andy Cohen

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When Andy Cohen dragged Lisa Vanderpump during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, he probably never expected the intense fan backlash that immediately returned the favor.

CLICK: Ringleader! Inside Andy Cohen’s Systematic Gang Up Against Lisa Vanderpump At The #RHOBH Reunion

In a strange turn of events, Twitter turned ugly Saturday, when a few social media goons took a few snarky comments from angry fans, and blew them into alleged homophobic rants.

Disgruntled Vanderpump fans were dubbed nasty bigots —  blasted for remarks noting Andy Cohen’s homosexuality. Some of the tweets under fire are quoted below:

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=””]”should have bitch slapped his ass! I hate when he [Andy] takes sides, how gay is that?!”

“Good for you…so jaded wf Pansy Mandy n da whole RH franchise anyhoo…dnt watch apart frm ATL & BH now BH is off my list 2 #sad”

“And he’ll never get rid of Phaedra because he [Andy] has a major fantasy of having prison sex with Apollo. LOL”[/otw_shortcode_quote]Lisa Vanderpump attacked by gay twitter goons_RHOBH

A few ran with it, categorizing Vanderpump fans as raging homophobes. Makes NO sense — but these goons gave it their best shot.

Many saw through the agenda, and called out the hyped, and dare I say — manipulative responses.

The drama cranked higher when the social media thugs demanded action from Vanderpump, a passionate and outspoken LGBT supporter. There was even a call to attack Vanderpump’s businesses.

The twitter blather also included a claim that the drama was causing a drop on Vanderpump’s fan base — a ludicrous claim, to say the least.

Lisa threw them a bone, and responded, in the midst of the drama.

The goons finally backpedaled and eased up. The desperation is REAL — as Cohen continues to feel the heat, and the reunion fallout continues. Vanderpump fan twitter snark slams Andy’s abhorrent reunion behavior — period.


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