Andy Cohen “Exhausted” By A Flood Of Social Media Requests To Fire Eileen Davidson & Lisa Rinna #RHOBH

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Andy Cohen exhausted gif

Andy Cohen is one exhausted soul.

Twitter followers recently witnessed Cohen share a couple of vague responses, addressing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast questions, triggered by a recent All About the Tea blog.

He soon noted the pooped plight of a man, overwhelmed by a tidal wave of social media feedback.

Cohen certainly chose an interesting word, because “exhausting” could be used to describe many fans, looking back on various scenarios that gobbled up Season 6. 

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To be clear, I am a ‘Housewives’ whore, and will watch willingly, even through disgust. With that being said, tired viewers have plenty to complain about. 

Recycled Failures

The cast ganged up to take down Lisa Vanderpump a couple of seasons ago, for the same reason. Chess master—master manipulator—-tomato, tomahto.

Frumpy Dumpy Yolanda

No one wants to watch a glam 90210-er shuffling around in flip-flops, sweatsuits, or a nasty, worn-out robe. We also prefer women who shower, not ones who attend filmed events with greasy hair, and ponytail nubs. Fans are also fond of bras, makeup, and an occasional focus away from oneself.    


People watch these shows to escape, and briefly free themselves from the trials of everyday life. A disturbing drug  closet, freaky chamber treatments, worm flushing colonics, and a graphic boob delivery, reminds us of the realities we want to run away from—screaming.

Gold Digging

Bravo tried to wrap a boring, run-of-the-mill gold digger in a porny package, and expected fans to find her intriguing. Erika Girardi patted her puss through a whole season—and fans grew more bored as the weeks passed. Erika’s shtick and purpose on the show was obvious, one-note, and bland.

Absurd Demands

Eileen Davidson’s desired apology from the heavens  shadowed her whole personality. Fans don’t want to witness or listen to Lisa Vanderpump utter another “I’m sorry” for the rest of their lives. Eileen Davidson was dull, while being bitchy—a combo perhaps never pulled off before. She needs to go away, and never come back.


A true mental illness was shoved into the category of trite gossip—for the WHOLE season. We can add the always chattering Lisa Rinna to this category. She started as a bright star of truth, but fell, crashed and burned, morphing into just a hyperactive headache.

One Long Journey

Yolanda’s endless and never sidelined “journey” with her invisible disease, droned on and on and on. Her children were shoved onto the Lyme-bus, and dragged through the parasitic muck, along with the viewers. Shady details raised questions, but any interesting nugget was burned away by the glaring stares, of a woman on a singular mission.

Reunion Tricks

Baiting, favoritism and the staged histrionics are getting old. Here’s a tip—cut the exhaustion by condensing three hours into two, or even one. No one cares about recaps of already recapped drama, and fluff antics that only amuse a self-absorbed cast. Cut to the chase, hash out the dirt, and move on to Season 7.

Andy Cohen will soon get a break from the chatter that has buried Season 6. How long the peace will last, is yet to be determined.


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