Lisa Rinna Makes Half Ass Apology While Throwing Shade At Lisa Vanderpump “I Gave My Power Away To LVP” #RHOBH

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Lisa Rina_RHOBH Season 6 Reunion

Well, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is at an end. Whew! That was one long ride. Lisa Rinna, the woman with no storyline, no loyalty, and no real sense of herself has decided to take one, last passive-aggressive swipe at the other ladies, and us, the viewers.

Rinna’s blog is all about accepting responsibility for her actions. Okay, I’ll wait until you’ve stopped laughing. All right, here we go.

“Let’s talk about accountability. I hold myself accountable–not you–not the women–myself.”

You got that? Only herself. And maybe God, Harry Hamlin.

“I hold myself accountable for saying the word and definition of Munchausen….for not speaking kindly about Kim…for asking questions and trying to understand what Yolanda was going through and questioning her Instagram posts and feeling like there was something else going on not being shared with us…I hold myself accountable for calling Lisa Vanderpump out on her manipulations. I gave my power away to LVP. I’m taking it back.”

Hold up now. So Rinna takes no responsibility for throwing shade at LVP, calling her manipulative, or laying the blame for her own mistakes at the feet of Vanderpump? She didn’t give her power to LVP. Rinna has no power. She’s worse than fence-riding Kyle Richard. Kyle is smart enough to know that if she goes hard against LVP again, she’ll lose viewer support.

Rinna, on the other hand, isn’t half as wily. She tries to act charming and self-effacing, but in actuality, she’s needy. Eileen Davidson gave her a little attention and a few pushes in the right direction toward the “LVP is manipulated me” storyline. She became a permanent victim, and she couldn’t back down without looking like a fool. So now she’s blaming everyone but herself for the fans turning on her. 

But wait, it gets better.

“I hold myself accountable for not enabling Kim Richards. Yeah it was tough–love. Yes, love! I’ve learned this much about addiction: Enabling is not loving.”

Again, not having a storyline this season, Rinna brought up Kim again and again. Yes, Kim needed to be called out on her behavior last season, but that doesn’t make Rinna some kind of saint. She was simply stating the obvious, as in: ‘Kim, babe, you’re not sober. You know it. We know it. The viewers know it. Let’s call out that elephant, shall we?’ That hardly makes Rinna some kind of recovery counselor.

“I hope I’ve grown from this experience. I am not perfect. I f— up. I don’t always say or do the politically correct thing. I’ve hurt people. I don’t like to hurt people. I’ve learned my words hurt, and I must be careful with my honesty.”

Picture me rolling my eyes here.

“If I’ve made you laugh, that would make me happy. If I’ve made you feel something, anything, I take that as I’ve done my job well. At the end of the day, all of our feelings and opinions are valid.”

Um, no. They’re not. Rinna sure as hell didn’t value the opinions of the people on her Instagram account when she had her little breakdown. She called them all toothless, fat, cat-loving, vagina-seekers. She needs to stop with the psychobabble and just go away quietly. That is my opinion. I’m sure Rinna would not find it valid at all.

And then she ends her blog by dedicating it to her father and quoting all the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

So are we glad it’s over? Will Rinna ever be able to salvage her reputation after this season? Stranger things have happened.


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