Kenya Moore Thanks Grandmother For Raising Her As An Abandoned Child In Poem Entitled “What Is A Mother?” #RHOA

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Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta know the emotional turmoil Kenya Moore bears when it comes to being abandoned by her mother as a baby.

During an episode of RHOA Season 8, Kenya attempted to visit her mom in her hometown of Detroit and was rejected as millions of viewers watched in shock.

As Mother’s Day soon approach, Kenya Instagrammed a poignant poem she penned on Saturday, “What is a mother? I wrote this poem for my grandmother many years ago. #myBFF #truelove #rolemodel#inspiration #poetry,” the post captioned.

On a recent episode of Dr. Oz, Moore has shared that her parents were teenagers when her mom, Patricia Moore, got pregnant and gave birth to her. While her mother wanted to give her up for adoption, her paternal grandmother, Doris, stepped up to raise Kenya after her dad (Ronald Grant) begged her. Moore detailed she would sometimes see her mother at family events and her mother always ignored her, never once acknowledging their relationship. 

“I was born to two teenage parents — they were 15 and 16-years-old at a time in the 70’s, where it was not accepted for a child to be born out-of-wedlock so my mother wanted to give me up for adoption. And I had the kindest grandmother in my father’s mother there could ever be and she begged my mother to let her have me. So at 3-days old, I was given to my grandmother to raise me but I was never allowed to visit my mother’s family or even to know them.”

Although Moore would see her mom at family events from time to time, her mother was said to never have acknowledged her. 

“Years later when I was, I was put in positions where I was in the presence of my mother but she choose to intentionally pretend that I wasn’t in the room. So there would be family gatherings and I would be sitting in one corner and she might be 3-feet away from me and she did not acknowledge my presence in the room.”


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