Kenya Moore Dishes On #RHOA Drama, Childhood Abandonment & Her Future Pregnancy Plans On Dr. Oz

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Kenya Moore on Dr. Oz RHOA

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore appeared on Dr. Oz today to dish about RHOA drama, her rocky childhood, and her upcoming pregnancy.

Kenya Moore is the triple threat with beauty, brains, and talent. Originally from Detroit, the former psychology major left Michigan with fierce drive and determination to build her own unique brand. Well-known for being crowned “Miss USA,” Kenya has also acted alongside many “A-list” celebrities.

Dr. Oz begins by asking Kenya about her reality television bad girl persona on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Obviously being Miss USA, it was sorta oxymoronic to what I am doing now. You’re sort of a Barbie doll and you’re presenting your best self to the world and you’re really not put in controversial situations but on reality TV, that’s all you’re put in. So you get to see me being multi-faced, I’m a three-dimensional person.”

Dr. Oz says that he loves that she’s assertive but there is a fine line between being assertive and being a bully. During part one of the RHOA Reunion, Kim Fields accused Kenya of bullying and constantly interrupting the other ‘Housewives.’ 

“I think the definition of being a bully is when you harass or try to intimidate someone or intentionally hurt them and I never do that. I can stand up for myself but I don’t need to hurt anyone in doing so.”

Dr. Oz asks about Moore‘s shaky childhood. During an episode of RHOA season 9, viewers watched as Kenya repeatedly knock on her mother’s door while in Detroit for a family reunion, only to have that door locked in her face – literally. Kenya’s mom, Patricia Moore, became pregnant with her at 15-years-old and originally wanted to place Kenya for adoption. Her father’s mother, Doris, stepped up to raise Kenya after Ronald begged her. 

“I was born to two teenage parents — they were 15 and 16-years-old at a time in the 70’s, where it was not accepted for a child to be born out-of-wedlock so my mother wanted to give me up for adoption. And I had the kindest grandmother in my father’s mother there could ever be and she begged my mother to let her have me. So at 3-days old, I was given to my grandmother to raise me but I was never allowed to visit my mother’s family or even to know them.”

Although Moore would see her mom at family events from time to time, her mother was said to never have acknowledged her. 

She continues: “Years later when I was, I was put in positions where I was in the presence of my mother but she choose to intentionally pretend that I wasn’t in the room. So there would be family gatherings and I would be sitting in one corner and she might be 3-feet away from me and she did not acknowledge my presence in the room.”

Kenya describes the first time her mother acknowledged her presence.

“Til this day, I’ve only spoken to my mother once and that was at her father’s funeral, several years ago. And that was the first time she ever acknowledged that I was in her presence.” Dr. Oz asks what did she say, “Hello, that’s it. Just hello.” Kenya responded. 

Kenya adds: “For me that was monumental because she had never acknowledged I was born, or I existed, or I was 3-feet away from her, so to hear her say ‘hello’ it was shocking to me.”

Kenya shared advice to other women who share a similar sense of abandonment.

“I think a lot of women have abandonment issues, whether it’s from their fathers or mothers. For me, I had to start with forgiveness. I had to not only forgive my mother for the treatment that I received from her my entire life, but I had to forgive myself. I can’t take the position of I’m judging her because I don’t really know her entire story. And for me to forgive her and to forgive myself, I am releasing myself from that bondage.”

She continues,

“I’d say to the women out there, forgive yourself, forgive the person that you feel abandoned you. You just have to be positive in your life. From there you can create the world that you want. If you want love in your love, you be the love in someone else’s life. If you want a better job or better relationships with people, you can speak it into existence and the laws of the universe will work for you.”

Moore dished about her desire to be a mother and talks getting pregnant very soon. It’s not a secret that she really wants children.

“Absolutely…Yes!” Kenya tells Dr. Oz when asked if she wants to be a mother.

“I am working on it. It’s something I dream about right now and I am obsessed with it. I’ve had a puppy baby.” She adds, “I am working on undergoing In Vitro [Fertilization] in the next few months so I hope to be a mother in a few months.”


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