Brandi Glanville Cozies Up To Eileen Davidson Amid Davidson’s Feud With Lisa Vanderpump #RHOBH

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills resumes tonight, with Part 2 of the reunion, sure to be a tense walk down memory lane. The drama reached such a fevered pitch this season, that few noticed that the mostly off-screen voice of Housewife flunky, Brandi Glanville, made no sense at all. Consider the circle of crazy that Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna set up, only to be completed by Brandi Glanville.

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Rinna deliberately repeats the Munchausen rumor about Yolanda Foster. Eileen Davidson is all ears, while Rinna dishes the local dirt, about their Instagram happy friend. Eileen stands firm in her support of Yolanda, supposedly believing the whole Lyme-shebang. Enter Brandi Glanville.

Brandi is thrilled at Eileen’s choice to stand by the only person on the show who can stand to film with her, so she tweets her support.

GONE is all that nasty hatred for all home wreckers, contempt for cheaters, and the irresistible urge to hurl wine. Eileen is now fabulous, and Brandi only wishes that they could giggle and freeze their bras together. Save your eyes rolls, and let’s get back to Eileen.

Brandi throwing wine on Eileen gif RHOBH

Eileen prompts Rinna to vent, rant and verbally ponder on several occasions. Davidson clutches her pearls, but loves the the gossip. Eileen takes her soap-sister’s info, and peer-pressures Rinna away from the light, assuring her that Lisa Vanderpump loves manipulating everyone in her path. Rinna is dying for any way out of the mess, so she is up for the Lisa hates Yolanda theory. The duo bonds and settles into their partnership, and in a story that just might fly. Let’s hop back to Brandi.

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Brandi is getting her five minutes in the spotlight, and during a visit with Yolanda, unleashes all over Rinna. She pulls out her old shtick, a tacky getup, and makes the most of her talking head.

“Dear Lisa Rinna — get a fu*king life, eat some food, and stop talking about my friend. You have nothing else going on in your life. #straitjacket #realfriend, motherfuc*er, get some help.”

Brandi proclaims the very person who is feeding the enlightened Eileen Davidson info, crazy. Rinna is off the beam, and ready for the loony bin. Meanwhile, Eileen and Rinna prick their palms and vow an unbreakable alliance. Did Brandi’s DVR break?

Brandi tweets her new heroine that she loves her honesty —“honesty” which rests on a supposed crazy woman’s interpretation of sequenced events. WHOOPS! 

Bravo structures their storylines carefully, but when they threw Glanville into the mix, the sloppy cracks were real. Tune in for more sloppy tonight — when the reunion continues on Bravo at 9:00 pm ET.   


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