Vicki Gunvalson Goes After Bankrupted Former Vodka Partner For $132K Judgement #RHOC

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Don’t offer Vicki Gunvalson a vodka drink, she likely hates the alcohol by now. Once again, Vicki is headed back to court on behalf of the failed Vicki’s Vodka line.

Months earlier, the star of The Real Housewives of Orange County was awarded $132K in a judgment after a bitter lawsuit with ex business partner, Robert Williamson. And since she hasn’t received the funds, Vicki has gone back to court to fight for this money. She is accusing her former business partner, Robert Williamson, of lying about his assets to avoid paying her.

It was Williamson’s contention that Vicki failed to promote the business, causing the alcohol line to never take off. Additionally, Vicki’s icky ex, Brook Ayers, was gifted 16.67% of the company which he eventually sold to Williamson to pay child support and the IRS. That percentage was sold back to Williamson, giving him a larger split in the company than the original 50/50.

A federal judge didn’t see evidence of fraud or deceit in the percentage sale that Williamson alleged. The judge awarded Ayers the $132K in legal fees, and Ayers transferred the rights of the judgment to Vicki – because she most likely originally paid the attorney fees. But Vicki has reportedly never seen one dime of this money due to Williamson’s Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing trying to demonstrate he is broke.

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The plan submitted by Williamson offers to pay Vicki $210 a month, meanwhile Williamson is currently paying $1,750 a month to his wife’s creditors. He claims that he is a professional poker player and does not have “regular income.”

“This income (from playing poker and serving as a television commentator) is speculative and inexact at best, and dishonest at worst. The Debtor admits that his income for calendar year 2015 was $154,000 and for 2014 was $537,885. He also claims his monthly expenses include mortgage payments of more than $5,500 and his wife’s plan payment of $1,750.00. Finally, the Debtor claims he has no non-exempt assets. This is simply not credible, given that as recently as 2014, he earned $537,885.”

Vicki’s attorney’s go on to state the jewelry owned by Williamson is “worth significantly more than the listed amounts.”

“Upon information and belief, the Debtor has won a bracelet in the World Series of Poker that is not entitled to be claimed as exempt and that is likely worth far more than the $700 asserted, and the Debtor’s wedding band is likely worth more than the amount asserted,” the documents state. “Ms. Gunvalson also believes the Debtor’s other jewelry is worth significantly more than the listed amounts.”

Vicki is asking the judge to deny Williamson’s new payment plan and also doesn’t want the $132K owed to be wiped clean as part of the bankruptcy.


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