EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson’s $132k Vodka Lawsuit Victory Derailed When Former Business Partner Files Bankruptcy!

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Vicki Gunvalson Lawsuit _RHOC

Legal drama continues to swirl, as The Real Housewives of Orange County veteran, Vicki Gunvalson, strives to recoup losses from lawsuits connected to her vodka line. 

Back in August of 2013, professional poker player Robert Williamson III sued his former Vicki’s Vodka business partner, claiming that Gunvalson had breached a settlement agreement for another lawsuit involving her alleged failure to promote the vodka line. The next month, he filed another suit against Vicki’s then-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, alleging breach of contract, along with other fraud accusations. 

A judge later found that there was no reasonable basis for Williamson’s claims, and awarded Brooks $132k in attorney’s fees. The judgement was a small but significant victory for Ayers, whose reputation had been battered by his questionable cancer claims.

Vicki and Brooks had an agreement that Vicki would receive the $132k, because she was the one footing the bill for Ayers’ attorney fees. Williamson was ordered to pay up, via court order. Vicki made the move to file a petition to have Williamson’s income garnished to enforce the ruling.

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Williamson seemingly responded by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, on January 28, 2016. Below is the 1st page of the bankruptcy petition filed by Williamson.

Vicki Vodka Lawsuit bankruptcy for partner_RHOC

In doing so, all collection actions against Williamson were immediately stopped, as well as any pending litigation outside of the bankruptcy. All About the Tea obtained a copy of the filed stamped “Automatic Stay” sent to Gunvalson’s attorney, notifying him of Williamson’s bankruptcy filing.  

Vicki Gunvalson_RHOC_Vodka Lawsuit

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor (Williamson) gets to keep their property, but will have to pay back all or a portion of his debts over a three to five-year period. This is unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, where most of the debt is cancelled but you may have to surrender some property to the bankruptcy trustee to pay your creditors.

Vicki Gunvalson Lawsuit Docs_RHOC

In a shady turn of events, Williamson is sounding off on social media about his travels, and most recently announced that he and his wife were going on a luxury poker cruise. Williamson also proudly revealed that he spent his New Year’s Eve in Cabo. 

Vicki Vodka Lawsuit bankruptcy for partner_RHOC Vicki Vodka Lawsuit bankruptcy for partner_RHOC

Williamson is allegedly strapped for cash, but is “having a blast” on “the biggest ship in the world?” It appears that Williamson can’t resist gambling, even on social media, where lots of eyes are watching his every financial move.  

Stay tuned, as All About the Tea follows the story.      


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