Disturbing Reality! Eileen Davidson Taunts #RHOBH Fans On Twitter

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RHOBH Eileen

Eileen Davidson is sinking like a rock, as Season 6 fades into black. She is losing hoards of social media followers, and boasts blocking sprees, as her latest hobby.

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Davidson has also exposed an archaic view on the powerful  connection between social media, and viewer support. Eileen began her Bravo career on a classy note, but her reality as a popular 90210-er has been dissolving into a puddle of suds. Davidson’s Twitter account is littered with condescending exchanges between the soap star and viewers, revealing a strangely childish attitude, when dealing with outspoken fans.

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Hitting the block button is only one part of Davidson’s strategy, when managing the tidal wave of viewer backlash. Eileen’s intense effort towards silly and immature comebacks, is even more puzzling. Is it just me — or does her snark even sound dated?

There is something to be said for killing your critics with kindness — but there is a fine line between sarcasm, and stupidity. Eileen’s condescending responses reveal a dismissive disconnect with viewers, and an oddly juvenile tone. Davidson may not be aware that thundering social media outcry against Brandi Glanville, played a role in getting her tipsy butt tossed to the Bravo curb.

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Eileen sounds like a kid from the 70’s, snarking on a playground — not a glamorous crossover reality star.


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