‘RHOBH’ Eileen Davidson Says She’s Not A Manipulator & Labels Lisa Vandepump A Liar

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Did you think Eileen Davidson would waste valuable blog space by apologizing? Not only has she bored viewers for weeks, she ruined everyone’s trip to Dubai. No, you’re much to wise to think Eileen would do anything other than beat that poor dead horse one more time.

Last night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen and Lisa Rinna were sticking to their “I hate Lisa Vanderpump” guns. They said she’s really the person behind the Munchhausen topic and she wanted Kyle to take her fair share of blame. As viewers, we saw none of this, of course. But that didn’t stop Eileen from being bitter about the whole thing.

“Just to clarify some confusion: I did not manipulate Lisa R. into saying the truth about Lisa V. I’ve been hearing what Lisa V. has been doing all season long regarding Yolanda and what happened the day Munchausen was brought up.”

Here we go again.

“I did not want to be in the middle of it anymore. I didn’t like knowing the truth and either having to pretend I didn’t or be the only one saying anything. So I asked Lisa R. to address it with Lisa V. herself.”

For someone who didn’t like to be in the middle, she sure loved putting herself in everybody’s business.

“What is also so obvious to me, and hopefully obvious to everyone who watches this episode, is this: Lisa Rinna told the truth. Kyle told the truth. I have been telling the truth, shouting it from the highest rooftops, really. THE truth.”

Yes, we’ve heard you Eileen. Repeatedly. For weeks now. And it’s as older than those antique knickknacks that clutter up your house.

“P. S. I told you Lisa Vanderpump was never really sorry.”

Yes, you told us so. And guess who still came out smelling like an English rose? Lisa Vanderpump. While you, Eileen, looked like a loon. Good job.

So are you ready for this season to be over already? Will Eileen come back next year? Will Kyle ever really defend Lisa Vanderpump like a good friend should?


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