Her Rock! Ken Todd Lovingly Supports His Wife Lisa Vanderpump Following The Munchausen Drama #RHOBH

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Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd

Ken Todd is my chosen dreamboat hubby of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Many may see a career driven realtor, or an adorable baseball veteran as ones to swoon over — but a man who supports his wife like an understated, but never silenced hero, wins me over every time.

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Ken has watched his beloved wife, Lisa Vanderpump, be dragged through the reality muck more than once, on the Bravo franchise. Ken didn’t stay quiet, as the Season 6 drama played out, and viewers recently watched him blast Lisa Rinna, on the show. Ken has taken to Twitter in real time, to reiterate his position.


Fans cheered the tweet, and chimed in with their own thoughts.


Ken hits the perfect balance between staying on the sidelines — always wanting his better half to shine in the spotlight, while remaining keenly tuned in to any shady dynamic that is targeting his wife. Ken rides in when necessary, never gratuitously — and for that alone, he is my reality hero. 


What are Ken’s latest thoughts on the controversy swirling around Lisa Rinna?


Succinct, and indeed to the point. In the midst of the deafening roars of fan support, the thoughtfully outspoken Ken Todd stands alone, as Lisa Vanderpump’s strongest and dreamiest cheerleader.

The Todd/Vanderpump chemistry is just another reason to adore Lisa Vanderpump — the queen of Bravo’s Beverly Hills.


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