Lisa Vanderpump: 12 Reasons To LOVE The British Queen of #RHOBH

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Lisa Vanderpump-RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump is going DOWN, if Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi have their way—but we all know better! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in the homestretch, and the women are spinning themselves into a whirlwind, trying to prove that Lisa is a manipulative mastermind. I expect that my favorite ‘Housewife,’ will finish  with nary a wrinkle in her pink blouse.

Why do we at All About the Tea love Lisa Vanderpump? Where do I start?

1. Lisa is a hard worker, and balances a career and her home, with tenacity  and elegance. Lisa is willing to mentor and challenge those who wish to learn, and appears to demand excellence, while remaining patient in the process. Her work ethic is admirable, and she pulls off a busy schedule with stylish pizzaz. 

2. Lisa’s marriage is solid, silly, and romantic. When fans watched Ken decorate a surprise swing alongside a heart-shaped flower garden, our hearts melted. The couple stands up for each other, and Ken never minces words, when someone crosses the line with his wife.

3. Lisa values truth, honesty, and integrity. Viewers generally don’t see her angry, unless these values are questioned, or undermined. Fans love Lisa more for the dignified example that she sets, than where she lands in the weekly drama of a reality show.

4. Lisa is soft-hearted, and aids and uplifts underdogs. Her trusting heart got battered on the show twice, when on two separate occasions, Cedric Martinez and Brandi Glanville maliciously turned on her. This pair of nasty creatures, failed miserably. Lisa seeks to mentor and elevate with a loving hand, and always seems to find the good in people, even when others can’t.

5. Lisa and Ken give us a peek into true wealth— their home, clothes, parities, and trips give the Bravo viewer fabulous and scrumptious eye candy. The couple’s pristine surroundings allow their fans a fleeting getaway.


6. Lisa has a wicked sense of humor, and a clever sense of fun. Her verbal  timing is razor sharp, and she raises her eyebrow and quips in perfect snarky  rhythm. That accent doesn’t hurt either!

7. Lisa is quirky—in a good way. Her over-the-top love for animals is amusing and fun to watch. If you can pay people to scoop poop, why not? She is the only Bravoleb who has swans waddling into her living room, and mini horses wandering around her yard. FUN!


8. Lisa is a loyal friend—as evidenced by her friendship with the once likable, Brandi Glanville. Lisa stood by Brandi’s side while she blurted, ranted, cursed, and staggered around drunk—even when Brandi switched  gears, and hatefully spat on their friendship. Lisa tirelessly defends and sticks by Kyle, even when Kyle verbally slices her, and feeds her to the wolves. Mohamed Hadid is obviously wild about her.

9. Lisa doesn’t take crap from a jealous cast, perpetually scheming to discredit her. Overemotional and melodramatic women don’t interest her. While Lisa occasionally takes heat for a seemingly aloof attitude, most fans appreciate her British demeanor. Lisa doesn’t need to hear a hundred apologies to forgive, and if a friendship shifts and changes, her world doesn’t crash around her. Lisa doesn’t dwell on petty BS, and has a life that is obviously too full and fabulous, to bother with such nonsense.

10. Lisa enthusiastically supports causes that are meaningful to her, and does so with sincerity of purpose, and passion. She backs up her words with action, and those causes close to her heart, benefit from her generosity.

11. Lisa makes her world beautiful. She surrounds herself with light, flowers, and shades of pink. Her closet is to die for, and you can almost smell her rose garden, or hear the clink of her pretty teacups. You may not like pink—but Lisa does girly like no one else.

12. Lisa Vanderpump plays the game of reality TV better than anyone in Bravo Housewife history.  She balances grace with snark, eye rolls with respectful empathy. She doesn’t engage in hysteria, but gives the viewers honest and clear commentary, and genuine emotion. She stirs the reality pot at times, but navigates backlash with class, and always emerges smelling like a rose. Lisa Vanderpump is a master—and no other poser comes close. 


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