Damage Control! Lisa Rinna Uses Father’s Death To Excuse Her Fat Shaming Vulgar Rant #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna crying rhobh

Lisa Rinna sheepishly shrunk from a snarling social media pit bull, to a sad pussycat, after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was caught slamming her critics on Instagram. She hit gutter low, slamming viewers, and likely her customers, labeling her critics fat, ugly, and toothless.

Rinna raged like a nasty, bullying thug—and her rant was captured, before she could delete the damaging evidence.

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Lisa Rinna immediately launched into excuse mode, likely hoping to thwart the expected fallout. Her hustle was shameless, and more than a little transparent. She noted grieving her father’s death, and claimed to be in “the anger stage of grief.” Lisa Rinna posted a photo of her father and captioned it, “Missing my Dad. It’s been 13 weeks since his passing. I’m still in the anger stage of grief I think. I hope it passes soon.”


Nothing aids the grieving process like calling Bravo fans fat, ugly, and ordering them the f*ck off of your Instagram page! One specific Rinna blurt specifically caught my eye, and probably jumped out for many social media onlookers. The comment reads— “I’m going for it. I got nothing to lose you sick fucks.”

Really? Fans challenged her stance, and QVC was bombarded with tweets from fans and consumers alike, demanding to be heard. 


QVC was allegedly deleting the comments, trying to snuff the firestorm, but the scathing screenshot had already ricocheted all over the internet. The unstable reality star later retweeted an inspirational quote—as if anyone would look to a gutter-mouthed powder keg, for inspiration.


Does that mean that she desires forgiveness from her fat, toothless QVC shoppers? Viewers will see more of Lisa Rinna’s  greatest hits on Tuesday, when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, kicks off.


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