Twitter Slams Leah Messer For Smoking Around Her Children & Animal Cruelty! #TeenMom2

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Leah Messer_Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer has been the poster girl for bad moms all season long, but recently she did something that has made her sink even lower – if you can believe that.

Leah left the family cat in the car on Teen Mom 2On this week’s episode, Leah is on the way to Ali’s choir performance when she has to return home after realizing she forgot Ali’s tie. Leah is in the house saying, “Are you f**king kidding me right now? Why is my life so f**king horrible?”

While this is going on, her twin daughter, Aleeah Grace Simms, sneaks the family cat into their car, and Leah doesn’t realize this until later. Instead of driving home yet again, Leah decides to leave the cat in the car, with the window partly down. Now a backlash for animal cruelty has begun. Additionally, fans didn’t like that Leah was smoking a cigarette while her kids were in the car.

Leah smoking in the car with kids_Teen Mom 2Leah smoking in the car with her twins from TM2 episode aired April 11

Twitter blasted the MTV star for her reckless mothering skills,

Although left the window partly open so the cat “could have air to breathe,” she was still called out by posters.

Leah is no stranger to controversy this season. During last week’s episode, Leah was blasted for texting and driving with her twin daughters in the backseat.

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The criticism didn’t stop there. Animal lovers placed some of the blame up the chain of command.

“Since this is being filmed the real scumbags are the producers and camera crew seeing all this stuff and not stepping in,” said one of the commenters. “I wonder what it would take for them to stop rolling and do something.”

Do you think Leah is fit to raise her kids? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.


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