Shocking! Reckless Leah Messer Texting & Driving With Twin Daughters In The Car #TeenMom2

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Leah Messer_Teen Mom 2

MTV threw a random episode of Teen Mom 2 our way Sunday night, giving us a glimpse into the shifted reality of Leah Messer and Corey Simms’, since a judge awarded the young dad primary custody of the couple’s twins. Recent episodes have revealed six-year-old Ali and Aleeah crying neglect, and their mom passed out in an alleged medicated stupor. How has the girls’ reality changed, since the custody shift?

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MTV shows Corey waking the kids up, in their beds, feeding them oatmeal, brushing their hair and teeth, for a day at school. Corey’s loving attention to their care stands out, and it is an obviously comforting shift. Corey is later seen with his father, talking over the new living arrangement. Corey claims that all is going smoothly, and that he communicates with the twins about the transition. He notes that Leah’s supposed shock at the switch is silly, considering she was warned over and over again, about her negligent parenting. Corey is later seen coaching little Ali, lovingly encouraging her away from nervousness, as she tackles a new challenge.

Leah Messer_Teen Mom 2_Corey

Leah picks up the twins for her weekend shift, and is immediately seen texting, while driving. She exhibits moments of solid parenting, but they are intermingled with obnoxious, self-serving jabs at the new custody agreement. The twins are in life transitions, and Leah goads them into dwelling on the expected, jarring shift. Leah’s sluggish whine joins with those of the two girls, who are just crying out for stability. The twins exhibit signs of anxiety and manipulative behavior—which Leah, not surprisingly, doesn’t peg. Leah is seen early in the morning, rousing her girls off sofas, and checking some homework. Why would Leah complain about the demanding early schedule, but save paperwork for the morning?

The girls are given 15-minutes to get ready, leaving the viewer to assume that the school is covering breakfast. Leah is later seen arriving at little Ali’s chorus rehearsal, rushing in from her car, only to rush back, obviously forgetting that her third daughter, Adalynn, is in the back seat. She arrives late, after the class is underway. While Leah peeks in at Ali, Corey smiles and plays with a listless Addie.

Custody has since shifted to 50/50—a privilege which Corey noted was repeatedly denied him, by his ex. MTV revealed much, with this side by side display. Leah lost time with her girls, which seemed to scare her into an honest effort to improve, but Corey still comes across as the infinitely more fit parent—without even trying.


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