EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Rinna’s Dark History of Harassing & Threatening Costars EXPOSED! #RHOBH

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Hide your drinking glasses — Lisa Rinna may be coming after you!

A systematic bully is the worst kind — they are relentless in their pursuit to harass their chosen victims, often over long periods of time.   

This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has featured brutal accusations, and backbiting gossip, all culminating in the now infamous three-episode trip to Dubai.  Rinna’s behavior on the trip was, to put it mildly, erratic — and the viewing public has taken notice.

Rinna has aggressively harassed fellow RHOBH cast-mate, Lisa Vanderpump, and last season, Kim Richards was Rinna’s target, during the lowest point in the child star’s struggle with addiction. Threatening text messages followed a violent outburst from Rinna, all later exposed on the Bravo show.

Lisa Rinna becomes hostile and violent during a confrontation during a dinner in Amsterdam that ends in broken glass and tears.

The QVC bag lady and reality hustler, can now officially add determined harasser to her resume. All About the Tea has uncovered a shocking report, that appears to expose a disturbing picture that matches the Lisa Rinna we’ve seen on recent RHOBH episodes.

In 2011, Rinna appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, alongside Star JonesJones and Rinna fiercely battled on-screen, and when Rinna was eliminated early in the competition, she allegedly pointed her finger at Jones, blaming her for the dismissal. Jones claims the 52-year-old began to fiercely harass her, leaving Jones no choice but to report the harassment to NBC’s legal department.   

The harassment was in the form of aggressive tweets and e-mails over  several months, after Rinna’s dismissal from Celebrity Apprentice.

“Lisa was so furious she was kicked off so early and blamed it all on Star. Lisa went home and started sending nasty e-mails,” an insider told the NY Daily News.

Though the tweets have since been deleted from Rinna’s Twitter account, they remain accessible through online archives. One of Rinna’s tweets posted in March 2011, shows her posing next to a horned monster with the caption: “Great shot of me and Star Jones!!!!!”

Lisa Rinna harass tweet to Star Jones RHOBH

Jones saved the “foul” tweets and e-mails, which allegedly date back to the show’s taping, in her original effort to bolster her claims against Rinna.

Reportedly, Jones called the messages “evidence of [Rinna’s] instability” and enlisted lawyers from The Trump Organization and Mark Burnett Productions, the company responsible for Celebrity Apprentice, to quiet the actress. It is unclear how the case was resolved, but it is probably safe to guess that some sort of legal warning, shut up the reality hothead. 

A pattern is emerging, and as we watch Rinna’s Housewife season wrap, it makes one wonder if the story is really over.


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