‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Tommie’s Criminal Past & Mugshots EXPOSED!

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VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘ Season 6 is only two episodes deep and fans already have two storylines to follow: then and now.

Viewers are still getting familiar with all the new faces, one in particular is Scrapp Deleon’s girlfriend, Tommie. And off the show we are hearing all kinds of rumors about Tommie. To start with Tommie is not her real name. 

Scrapp’s and Tommie‘s relationship is complicated due in part to baby-mama-drama with Scrapp’s son’s mother, Tiara. Needless to say, the women in Scrapp’s life hate each other.

Tommie is described as a charismatic model who is known for her unpredictable antics and rapid-fire wit. And the beef between Tommie and Tiara turned violent on last week’s episode, and according to Tommie’s criminal wrap sheet we’re not surprised.

Tommie‘s real name is, Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore, (or a combination of) and she’s been arrested on multiple occasions – and some of the fraud and forgery charges are allegedly tied to assisting Karen “KK” King commit identity fraud. Additionally, sources say that Tommie underwent plastic surgery in Miami with some of these ill-gotten gains, and that doctor pressed charges against Atasha for “stealing.”

Tommie‘s walk of shame timeline of mugshots together stemming from 2003 – 2014.

Tommies mugshots 2

Below is the breakdown of some of “Atasha’s” arrest records:

The year 2010 was a bad one for Tommie aka Atasha Jefferson in the State of Georgia. In Fulton County, she had nine different charges: 3 different counts of battery; 5 different counts of shoplifting; and 1 count of “theft of service.” Moving northward to Clayton County, Atasha made appearances in court 13 times, several of those charges were for forgery. Over to Gwinnett County where Atasha was charged with 3 counts of “giving false info” and driving with a suspended registration. In 2013, in Dekalb County, Atasha was booked on first degree felony charges on May 2, posted bail for $3,500 and was released four days later.

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On the show, Tommie is dating Scrapp but in reality, Scrapp is currently serving a prison sentence for a felony marijuana conviction. For her part, Tommie is denying any connection to these allegations, but has responded on Instagram twice: once to say she was a #trending topic and second to tell VH1 she had nothing to do with this, while doing yoga.


Currently Atasha is wanted on forgery charges in Minnesota, stemming from probation violation for a forgery conviction.

Girl is busy, whoever she is. Stay tuned.


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