Lisa Rinna Attacks Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter Over Blog Post #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna wrote in her recent Bravo blog that it was time to MOVE ON.

She had decided to drop the “silly and mind numbing” drama that had swallowed this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That mindset abruptly ended on Thursday night, when Rinna dove right back into the dialogue, via a couple of posts blasted into the Twittersphere.

Her first tweet scolded Lisa Vanderpump, for daring to respond honestly, after reliving what went down in Dubai.

Rinna defended her shady soap-sister, Eileen Davidson, tweeting moral indignation at fans speaking out, and thunderously applauding Lisa’s blog. Viewers are simultaneously booing the sudsy duo, out of Bravo’s Beverly Hills.

Rinna speaks of a being robbed of a “peaceful vacation.” I’m sure that Lisa can relate, after being relentlessly bullied, or heartlessly ignored, during that horrifying cast trip, across the globe. Rinna and Davidson had no qualms about whispering, and conspiring to pummel Lisa into the desert dust, but Lisa is out of line, by firing back?

Lisa was forced to relive the nightmare, and has every right to have her say. I am willing to bet that Lisa Vanderpump never sent  texts threatening to “f**k you up,” to Rinna, or Rinna’s gossip mentor, Eileen. Nothing says “class” like undercover threats, or nasty ambushes.

Clearly still bruised from the beatdown, Lisa told it like she experienced it, and defended herself. It is important to note that Lisa has never swayed from her story, and the same cannot be said for Rinna. Rinna self-righteously claimed an entitled right to rant, and pelt accusations, and  Davidson even had her convinced that such a direction was responsible, and even honorable.

Rinna—PLEASE spare us all, from your pristine standards of acceptability— because coming from a hothead bolstered by a home wrecker, your standards are meaningless.

What happens in Dubai, comes back to Beverly Hills, when the real, untwisted truth needs to come out. Lisa Vanderpump told it—and I am glad that she did.


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