‘RHOBH’ Lisa Rinna Promises To “Move On” After Harsh Backlash Stemming From Lisa Vandepump Attack

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The heat has been cranked up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, and she is feeling the burn!

In Rinna’s Bravo blog, she claims that she is “hearing” her fans loud and clear.

“I see you. I hear you. I agree with you about this nonsense dragging on and on and on.”

“This has gotten far too drawn out and confusing. Life is too short. I’m done.”

“It’s all so silly and mind numbing, isn’t it? The salacious events have happened, albeit wildly confusing, and I hear you all loud and clear. Time to MOVE ON.”

That Rinna is one sneaky hustler, because while her words sound sort of on target—there is one problem. Her fans have been blasting Rinna and her soap cohort, Eileen Davidson, non-stop, since Rinna piggybacked Eileen and turned on Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Rinna is “agreeing” with a need to move on, because she is now realizing the monster mistake that she made, when she chose to spin the real truth, into a load of self-serving nonsense.

A quick look at social media reveals anything but fans demanding that she “move on.” Viewers want Rinna to take accountability, not to back-hustle from the mess that she created. 


I did not see one comment urging Rinna to “move on.” However, “mind numbing” is a perfect expression to describe the whipped out of thin air  theory that was cooked up between Eileen, and her groupie, Rinna. The pair declared themselves war-torn casualties of some manipulative, sinister battle between Lisa and Yolanda.

Last time we saw Rinna, she was “sticking hard” to this genius assessment. The soap sisters have crashed and burned in epic fashion, so I guess that it’s time, to cut and run.

Rinna is in Mexico, enjoying spring break with her family. She offered this quip as a parting note.

WARNING: In the finale, we talk about the same sh– in a different, beautiful location. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I didn’t cancel my order on that diamond zipper Louis Vuitton body bag I ordered for myself last season. I may not get out of here alive, but dammit, I will go out in style! 

I believe that in the eyes of most fans, Eileen Davidson has already been zipped up, and Lisa Rinna is on life support. What do you think?


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