‘RHOC’ Star Lynne Curtin’s Porn Star Daughter Charged With Theft, Assault & Battery

Posted on Apr 7 2016 - 2:02pm by Dani-K


It’s fair to say that ex Real Housewife of Orange County star, Lynne Curtin’s daughter, Alexa, is not only crying for help, she’s screaming for it. Court papers have been uncovered revealing a prior altercation with police for a shoplifting event that lead to an arrest for theft and assault-and-battery, seven months ago at Macy’s.

On Sep 30, 2015, the Orange County District charged Alexa Paige Curtin on three counts. Count one: for “willfully and unlawfully steal, take, carry, lead, and drive away the personal property of MACY’s.” According to a report by Radar. The report continues, Count two: “willfully and unlawfully attempt to commit a violent injury on the person of JANE DOE.” Count three: “willfully and unlawfully use force and violence upon the person of JANE DOE.”

Alexa was also ticketed for being “Drunk in Public.”

Earlier in the week, we told you the story of Alexa filing a lawsuit against the Orange County Police Department for rape. According to the suit, the deputy who pulled her for a “routine traffic stop” told her to remain in her car. He left and returned 20 minutes later in a civilian vehicle and clothes. Alexa is alleging that nonconsensual sex out of fear took place. Reportedly the deputy asked for Alexa’s phone number afterwards so they could “do it again.”

Tell us what you think. Is this a girl in crisis or is the timing of the prior arrest being leaked now suspicious?


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  • Elizabeth Fisher


    • Wimbledonwoman

      Oh my oh my. Vast amounts of money spent on nose jobs, face lifts, cars , parties , weekends away , catered dinner parties , let us reflect , could that money have been better spent ( or saved ) …..?

  • MidwestMiddie

    Bravo’s Wall of Felons & Con-Artists now Includes Space For Young Adults. WOW!

  • ScrappieONE

    I hope I’m very wrong but this isn’t going to end well. Stoner Lynn and hubby never did right by their kids, only cared about keeping up with the Jones.

    • Wimbledonwoman


    • Perturbed

      She and Frank ALWAYS looked stoned or buzzed on something. Valium? Pot? Painkillers from all the plastic surgeries? I’m not sure what they were high from, but when you’re as dumb as Lynn, you can’t afford to be high too! Especially when trying to parent! Sadly, those girls never had a chance.

  • sideof Sour Cream

    What a sad mess. People as dumb as Lynn should not be allowed to procreate. I’ll never forget the episode when Gretchen or somebody was asking her where was the thermostat to turn down the air and Lynn didn’t know, and she said she thought they didn’t have one, that they didn’t have AC. The person then found it, and Lynn said “oh that’s what that is, I thought it was an alarm” or something to that effect.
    I mean, WOW.
    So I’m not surprised at all that her daughters are this dumb.

    • Wimbledonwoman

      I find it so very sad . Lynne curtain was so obsessed with her body and face she forgot to be a mother. I always felt she treated her husband , Frank, like a visa (credit not debit) card and then dumped him when the fiddler came to call.

      • sideof Sour Cream

        It is sad. She’s the very definition of a simpleton. And her daughters paid the price.

        • Wimbledonwoman

          Awful really and yet I doubt she has a frigging clue as to the damage she has inflicted x

          • sideof Sour Cream

            That’s what’s so infuriating about people like Lynn. She doesn’t have any idea how the rest of us pay the price for her absolute and total incompetence. She’ll face this with her complacent “woe is me” attitude and won’t for one second accept that it’s HER job to at least try and fix it.

          • Wimbledonwoman

            Omg yes. When I saw ‘the big short ‘ at the cinema, i swear the curtain’s sprung to my mind and the ridiculous CATERED dinner party they hosted days before they were served with an eviction . ‘ Fur coat and no knickers ‘ was the expression when I was growing up ( ie all for show , eg a woman wore a fur coat but could afford knickers ).

          • sideof Sour Cream

            We have a saying here like that, but mostly about men: ‘Big hat, no cattle”. Which along with “Fur coat, no knickers” could fit as a couples tagline for so many of these Real Housewives and their husbands. (the knickers line, LITERALLY!)

          • Wimbledonwoman

            Big hat no cattle. Brilliant I have never heard that , I love it. Am busting to use it, I can only imagine the reaction . X

  • This is the product of spoiling her kids. They run amuck in society.

    • ecasside

      Not spoiling them. They were too lazy to be responsible parents.

  • Addie2U

    IMO this info coming out now is suspicious. On another note, with parent’s like Lynn & her husband – the 2 daughters turning out as they have – isn’t surprising. 🙁

  • ecasside

    This poor girl was SCREAMING for help YEARS AGO!! Her parents failed her miserably! Lynn Curtain was too self absorbed with looking hot rather than being a RESPONSIBLE parent. Trying to be “the COOL mom” was an epic mistake. They had absolutely no discipline at all. That’s not “Spoiling” a child…that’s just plain ass TOO LAZY TO CARE! Hopefully if her father can pay the rent this time, and mom sells enough Biker Chick Jewelry, they can spend the money on some serious therapy for this kid!!

    • EllaFitzbunbun

      I had no idea what had become of these people since they left the show way back when, in such a blaze of glory, including footage of the arrival of the bailiff, or sheriff, or whoever comes to serve notice that you need to pay up or be evicted. In the absence of the parents, who were off undergoing plastic surgery, no doubt. the poor child was forced to answer the door only to be greeted by officials bearing an eviction notice. I believe she was required to sign for the document and, all the while the entire thing was being filmed and then shown later on Bravo. Both those girls, who had likely already come under great scrutiny many times, and been harassed and humiliated for years because of public knowledge of their parents’ shadiness, now had to face the additional humiliation of having their parent’s flakiness and irresponsibility being televised to the masses. I can’t imagine how that must have felt for those poor girls who were already adrift at that point. Even though I come from a dysfunctional family I was often ashamed of, it was long before reality tv, google, the entire internet. It was much easier in those days to pull up stakes, move and and find a new beginning. In other words, an entirely different world than the tech laden current one. There are few secrets these day. But, the parents were evidently naive enough to believe their flakiness wouldn’t be exposed even on a high profile reality show and the girls were left holding the bag.

      Alexa and her sister were neglected because their parents were both completely self-absorbed and neglect is akin to child abuse. It’s hardly surprising that Alexa has reached this point in her life. So where are the alleged parents in their daughters’ lives today, particularly Alexa and particularly today.

      • ecasside

        I agree 100%. Her parents need to be accountable here as well. Neglect IS a form of abuse!

  • Bryan


  • Dingo7

    Is anyone shocked? Lynne and her husband were shitty parents that had no control over their kids whatsoever. I remember Alexa even complaining that her parents never disciplined them.


  • Bravoparolees

    A real shocker…..:)

  • Vogue

    If the money Lynne wasted on her face to look like a lizard, was spent on her daughters education, they might not go sell their body for money. If every narcissistic idiot like these reality stars with Kardashian be on the top and being the most narcissistic dumbos. If they stop reproducing, we might be able to save our environmental problems.