‘RHOC’ Star Lynne Curtin’s Porn Star Daughter Charged With Theft, Assault & Battery

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It’s fair to say that ex Real Housewife of Orange County star, Lynne Curtin’s daughter, Alexa, is not only crying for help, she’s screaming for it. Court papers have been uncovered revealing a prior altercation with police for a shoplifting event that lead to an arrest for theft and assault-and-battery, seven months ago at Macy’s.

On Sep 30, 2015, the Orange County District charged Alexa Paige Curtin on three counts. Count one: for “willfully and unlawfully steal, take, carry, lead, and drive away the personal property of MACY’s.” According to a report by Radar. The report continues, Count two: “willfully and unlawfully attempt to commit a violent injury on the person of JANE DOE.” Count three: “willfully and unlawfully use force and violence upon the person of JANE DOE.”

Alexa was also ticketed for being “Drunk in Public.”

Earlier in the week, we told you the story of Alexa filing a lawsuit against the Orange County Police Department for rape. According to the suit, the deputy who pulled her for a “routine traffic stop” told her to remain in her car. He left and returned 20 minutes later in a civilian vehicle and clothes. Alexa is alleging that nonconsensual sex out of fear took place. Reportedly the deputy asked for Alexa’s phone number afterwards so they could “do it again.”

Tell us what you think. Is this a girl in crisis or is the timing of the prior arrest being leaked now suspicious?


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