‘RHOC’ Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Alexa Accuses O.C. Deputy of Rape During Traffic Stop

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Serious accusation are flying around the O.C. Alexa Curtin, daughter of ex Real Housewife of Orange County, Lynne Curtin, has filed a lawsuit accusing an Orange County sheriff’s deputy of rape during a traffic stop two years prior.

At the time Alexa was 23. Though we don’t know why Alexa was originally pulled over in April 2014, the suit alleges she has become “traumatized” by the incident. Alexa is seeking “unspecified damages” against the OC Sheriff’s Department. According to OC Weekly, here’s what happened:

“The one-time porn starlet claims the devastating event occurred after she left her boyfriend’s home. She recalls she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop by a deputy officer who soon started asking inappropriate questions about her underwear while searching her vehicle.”

According to court documents, Alexa was told to wait at the scene while the officer left to take care of other “pressing matters” for this “routine” traffic stop. When the deputy returned he was in a personal car and every day clothing, and said the following:

“Since you are still here, I am going to f— the s— out of you,” then got into her car.

Alexa alleges very graphic details of her humiliating experience, including being ordered to “straddle’ him. The report continues:

“While in this position, the deputy had non-consensual sexual intercourse with plaintiff. (He) partially ejaculated inside (her) vagina and partially on the passenger seat,” the suit said.

After the assault, the deputy asked Alexa for her number “in order to do this again” but she provided a fake number. 

“She was afraid and feared for her own safety,” the suit continued, addressing the delay in reporting the assault. Attorney Jeremy Jass said, Alexa “was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained” and feared the deputy “would find her and harm her again.”

The one-time porn star made the movie, devastating her mother, Lynne, in order to pay for plastic surgery. The porn was filmed in May 2014, under the name Jayden Taylors, one month after the alleged assault occurred.

The OC Sheriff’s Department would only say they were “aware of the pending lawsuit.”


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