‘RHONJ’ Joe Giudice Punished For Drunken Antics In Prison?

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It’s been two weeks since Joe Giudice turned himself in at Fort Dix Correctional Facility to begin his 41-month fraud sentence and sources are saying he got off to a rough start. According to Radar Online, Joe arrived “completely wasted” and “was a total mess.”

The star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has admitted to struggling with alcohol in the past and especially while his wife, Teresa Giudice, was away completing her sentence at Danbury. Joe has said in recent interviews he’s hoping that prison will help him become clean and sober.

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But on his last night home, reportedly Joe “boozed it up” with Teresa a final time before turning himself in. Joe and his “handlers” stopped at Starbucks prior to his arrival at Fort Dix to “sober him up” but it didn’t work.

“His handlers desperately tried to sober him up,” the source said. “But unfortunately for Joe, the coffee couldn’t cover up his drunken state.”

While we are fairly certain Joe isn’t the first person to report for prison duty inebriated, prison officials were said to be “furious” by his “drunk and belligerent” behavior.

“They couldn’t believe he made a mockery of the court by immediately breaking the rules,” the source explained. Joe was expected to begin his sentence in the general camp, but was moved to maximum security, the insider.

All About the Tea contacted Fort Dix and were told there is no “maximum” security at Fort Dix. The facility is low security – there are no bars, towers, or locks on rooms within the housing units. Although due to confidentiality, officials at Fort Dix couldn’t speak about the specifics on any of the inmates, it was explained that there are two different types of detention within the facility that an inmate can be placed in: administrative and disciplinary.

Now these insiders are saying that a deportation could be likely “even before he completes his full sentence” and the courts “will not show him any leniency.”


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