Prison Hell! Inside Joe Giudice’s Strict Prison Visitor Rules #RHONJ

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You know the saying, Club Fed? The prison Joe Giudice has been assigned to couldn’t be further from this. Obviously prison isn’t supposed to fun or easy, however, it seems if the rules at the Federal Correction Facility Fort Dix, located in New Jersey, are quite a bit stricter compared to where his wife, star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa resided last year.

According to theFederal Bureau of Prisons handbook, the process that Teresa will undergo on visiting day, not to mention their four girls, can be humiliating. Starting with mandatory metal searches and the ability for guards to cancel the visit at any time for any reason. Joe can receive visits from 10 family members during the week, except for Tuesday and Wednesday, and holiday visits are even more difficult to arrange. Joe must earn points to cash these in for visits.

And even though Teresa is a best-selling cook, she will not be permitted to bring any homemade treats. I guess one-too many visitors put the hacksaw in the cake, ruining it for the rest of the inmates. Additionally, you cannot bring newspapers, magazines, cameras, cell phones, personal keys or pictures in the visiting room. Joe will be patted down before the visit and visually searched after. And if Joe wants to give something to his family, like some groovy macramé, he has to get it approved before the visit.

Just like with FCI Danbury, a hug and kiss are only permitted at the beginning and end of the visit, though hand-holding is permitted. Things could be worse, at least they aren’t talking through a glass patrician on a phone.

Giudice and Teresa pleaded guilty to bank and tax fraud in 2014 and were sentenced to prison time. Teresa served 11 months and was released in December 2015. Their sentences were staggered in the interest of their four daughters, Gabriella, 11; Audriana, 6; Gia, 15 and Milania, 10.

Luckily for Joe, he’ll be permitted to keep up with RHONJ, as he will have access to a TV, and Bravo is one of the available channels. RHONJ Season 7 is scheduled to premiere this summer.


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