EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans’ Gives Twisted Explanation For Release Of Baby Son’s Sexual Photo

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is in the hot seat, after a sexually provocative photo of her son, one-year-old Kaiser, hit the internet on Friday. 

Jenelle’s live-in lover, David Eason, posted an inappropriate photo of Kaiser, the toddler captured with his hand down his diaper. The jaw-dropping Instagram post, invited a social media firestorm. Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, was furious, and Jenelle lashed back at his reaction, with a sadistic insinuation that Griffith had a history with sexual molestation.

Jenelle Evans and Nate tweet about Kaiser_Teen Mom 2

Jenelle, 24, also tweeted a link to the photo, sharing with her 1.21 million followers, a photo of her baby, innocently exploring his body. The photo was reported as pornographic, and Instagram deleted the post—but not for a full 21 minutes.

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We have learned in Jenelle’s own words, how Eason happened to post the photo, and the story only gets more weirder. Jenelle responded to a follower on Instagram, and explained how the photo-disaster all went down. Jenelle explains—

“…it was a video, and I snap chatted the video to David while he was at work. So when David saw the video, he took a screenshot of Kai putting his hands down his pants. He does it all the time. Haters online think David put Kai’s hands down his pants, when I’M THE ONE who took the video in the first place.”

Jenelle Evans IG Post about Kai pic_Teen Mom_

There are several head scratchers in this supposed logical explanation. Jenelle filming a moment with her son, I understand—however WHY would she send a clip of that nature to her boyfriend—who is NOT the father of her child? Evidently, Jenelle is seriously lacking an intuitive protective nature over her children.

Another troubling visual was one of an unrelated man, David Eason, pausing the video, and snapping such a pic. Deliberately capturing the photo was suspicious enough, but the decision to flaunt his apparent objective to his 45k followers, simply boggles the imagination. Jenelle tweeting the link to her 1.2 million followers, turns a creepy action, into a parental horror show. The maneuver shatters all boundaries of common moral decency, and certainly raises doubts about Evans’ ability to parent responsibly.

Jenelle claims that the backlash that came from “haters,” was based on the belief that Eason placed Kai’s hands down his pants. From what I observed, that is simply not true. People were upset over the photo itself, being served up to sick  perverts all over the internet, as well as the horrifying hashtags, chosen by Eason. They read— #deeznuts #gotem #almostaman #canttouchthis #notashamed and #teamkaiser.  Even his own mother tweeted, “Kai is def almost a man.” SAY WHAT?

Twitter observers reacted with outrage, with several tweeting the Wilmington, NC Police Dept., with their concerns. Jenelle is gearing up for a custody battle with Griffith, and remains entrenched in custody struggles with her mother, over her older son, 6 year old, Jace. Could exploiting her baby for a horribly backfired social media laugh, have rippling legal consequences? Hopefully some good can come from an innocent child, being thrown to internet wolves.


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